Property in Spain with Crypto Payments

Spain Homes ® offers ease of purchase to property buyers and investors if you are considering buying a property in Spain with Bitcoin or other trustable cryptocurrencies.

Spain Homes, which made the first real estate sale in Spain with crypto money in 2022, is working with Binance Pay to make payments in crypto for online sales. Thanks to our system integration with Binance Pay, you can send your payment directly to our wallet.

Binance Pay is a user-friendly payment and wallet system developed by Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange, that enables the convenient and secure receiving or sending of cryptocurrency.

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All the properties listed on our webpage are suitable for crypto payment with the guidance of our professional and experienced team.

How Can I Buy a Property in Spain with Bitcoin?

When you send an inquiry to us, our Agent will contact you and get your wishlist and payment terms. We will offer you the best properties matching your wish list. Meanwhile, we will conduct a KYC (Know Your Customer) process to make sure the provided information is real and correct. Then we will make an online or physical viewing tour for selected properties. If you choose a property to buy with Cryptocurrency and would like to continue, we will start the property purchase process in Spain.

We will have a meeting (online or physical) with our legal team to check the AML process (Anti Money Laundering). We will need your proof of income and other official documents needed for the property purchase. If everything is fine, you will have to give a Power of Attorney to our legal partner to proceed on your behalf.

As Spain Homes ® we will be proceeding in this process with our experienced legal consultants who successfully completed several property purchases with Bitcoin. We are managing the OTC process and our legal partners manage the due diligence, escrow account, and notary process for the successful completion of the process.

With Spain Homes ® buying real estate with Bitcoin in Spain is an easy process.




Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Property with Bitcoin

Q: Can I buy a property in Spain with Bitcoin?
Yes, you can easily buy real estate in Spain via cryptocurrency. As Spain Homes ®, we have successfully delivered hundreds of title deeds of purchases paid with Bitcoin.

Q: Is it legal to buy real estate in Spain with crypto?
Yes, you can legally buy any property with crypto in Spain. There is no restriction against crypto purchases for immovable real estate in Spain.

Q: Is Bitcoin legal in Spain?
Yes, even though there is no certain regulation on the law about Bitcoin, it is legally acceptable to purchase real estate in Spain with cryptocurrency. Any purchase made with crypto is considered legal before the law.

Q: How can I purchase a property with Bitcoin in Spain?
A: First, you need to find your dream property and fill out the KYC documents. After a brief AML meeting with our company lawyers to make sure everything is being done by the book, you will transfer the total sales amount via cryptocurrency. As the last step after the money transfer, we will start the title deed conveyance procedures.

Q: Can I buy land with Bitcoin?
Yes, it is possible to buy any type of property with Bitcoin, including residential plots or even farmlands.

Q: Where can I buy a home in Spain with Bitcoin?
You can buy any type kind of real estate with Spain Homes ® with Bitcoin. Spain Homes ® offers a smooth and safe property purchasing experience via cryptocurrency.

Q: Is it safe to buy a home with Bitcoin?
Yes, you can safely buy a home with Bitcoin since Spain Homes ® closely follows every step of the transaction with its company lawyers to safeguard both parties' rights.

Q: What kind of properties I can buy with Bitcoin?
You can buy any type of real estate with Bitcoin from lands to commercial properties. There isn’t any restriction in Spain for crypto purchases regarding the type of property.

Q: Can I pay my property taxes with Bitcoin while buying property in Spain?
You can both pay the additional expenses in Fiat currency or you can use your crypto assets to pay your taxes.

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Binance Pay is not applicable for US citizens.