Property in Spain with Crypto Payments

Spain Homes ®  offers ease of purchase to property buyers and investors. If you are considering buying a property in Spain with Bitcoin or other trustable cryptocurrencies.

How Can I Buy a Property in Spain with Bitcoin?

As Spain Homes ® we are finding sellers who accept payments with cryptocurrencies. We bring sellers and buyers who accept Bitcoin together and we carry out the process with lawyers. We are handling the notary process with escrow account management. The title deed transfer is done for the signature of the Buyer. All expenses regarding the sales process and taxes are paid through an official bank account.

With Spain Homes ® buying real estate with Bitcoin is an easy process. 

You should keep in mind that to buy a property with a cryptocurrency, a KYC (Know Your Customer) process is needed to make sure the provided information and the customer are real and correct. This is a manual process that includes the physical verification of scanned documents. The documented buyer and the buyer in the final Title Deed should have the same information.