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Murcia is the city and capital of the Region of Murcia, in southeastern Spain. The city of Murcia has a population of 460 thousand, which is about one-third of the Region of Murcia’s total population. Murcia has a climate consisting of hot summers and mild winters with low precipitation.

The province and city of Murcia are famous tourist resorts of Spain on the eastern coastline. Murcia is situated between El Major and Costa Blanca in the north and Aguilas and Costa Almeria in the south.

Despite the low precipitation, the ideal climate and fertile lands give Murcia the nickname of “Europe’s orchard”, due to its historical agricultural tradition that provides vegetable, fruit, and flower export and production.

Murcia is a city with a long and rich history. The modern city of Murcia was founded by Moors, back in the 9th century. But the region was inhabited by humans since prehistoric times. The touch of the different civilizations in the city can be easily seen mainly in architecture.

The amazing geography of Murcia allows it nearly everywhere to go hiking; cliffs, coves, beaches, and wild areas. The city is popular among hikers, as well as water sports lovers. Also, there are several golf courses in Murcia, including the worldwide famous 5-star golf course La Manga Club, El Valle Golf, and Mar Menor Golf.

Mar Menor is Europe’s biggest saltwater lagoon. La Manga is a spit of land between Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea. La Manga is also famous among tourists, with a wide variety of touristic facilities and opportunities.

Property sales in Murcia are increasing year by year with the foreign and domestic buyers' high demand. But, the property prices in Murcia are still more affordable than in other major locations of Spain, such as Madrid and Barcelona. So, as well as luxury and high-end properties, cheap property in Murcia Spain is also easily findable in the region.

The Top Places in Murcia

Murcia is a city itself, but there are various places in Murcia to discover and buy homes. Starting from the famous town Cartagena, Aguilas, San Pedro del Pinatar, Los Alcazares, and San Javier are famous towns among international buyers and tourists.

Cartagena, Murcia: Cartagena is a city in the Region of Murcia. With a population of 220 thousand, it is the second largest after Murcia. The city was first built by Carthaginians in 227 BC. Cartagena was an important city throughout history. The main importance of the city was being one of the prime defensive ports in the western Mediterranean. Today with the historical port, the city has the nickname “Port of Cultures”. There are numerous sights to see in Cartagena. The Roman Theatre of Carthago Nova, the Cathedral ruins of Cartagena, and Cartagena’s city hall are the most important historical places in the city. Cartagena has the most beaches with a certificate of “Q for Quality” which is given by the Spanish organization to high-quality beaches. Cartagena also has a part of Mar Menor and La Manga, which is the ideal location to buy detached houses in Murcia for sale.

San Pedro del Pinatar: From Cartagena, which is in the south of the Mar Menor and La Manga, now we are in the northern part of the famous tourist resort. As a typical Spanish coastal town, before the 1960s, it was an uncharted fishing and agriculture town. After that time, being discovered by tourists and foreigners, it became a tranquil tourist resort. Today, San Pedro del Pinatar still has a low population, which is around 25 thousand. So, it is one of the considerable places, for those who want to get Murcia property in a peaceful place. San Pedro del Pinatar has lots of landmarks to see, such as Saint Peter’s Church, which is whitewashed in traditional Spanish style, Count Vilar de Felices Palace, and Ezequila’s windmill, which is also a whitewashed windmill located near the coastline.

Los Alcazares: Los Alcazares is the true place for those who like to hike at promenades, golf enthusiasts, and swimmers. The town has several beaches that have been awarded Blue Flag. Being located between San Pedro del Pinatar and Cartagena, the Los Alcazares has also coastlines of Mar Menor. Los Alcazares also has several golf courses, some of them are La Manga Club, La Torre Golf, Intercontinental Mar Menor Golf and Spa, and Las Colinas Golf & Country club, which is awarded Spain’s best golf course in 2017. As there are various golf courses in Los Alcazares, it has been seen as the ideal place for those who are looking for Murcia golf properties.

Advantages of Buying Property in Murcia

Yes, Murcia has various places that offer different types of lifestyles. But if you are thinking about why should I own real estate in Murcia Spain, there are also numerous reasons. The main advantages of living in Murcia are its tranquility, wide variety of leisure activities, rich history, and meeting traditions with modern opportunities. Murcia has a large population of foreigners, which is around one-third of the many touristic places. There is a reason that foreigners, expats, and after-retirees choose this place.

Property Diversity

The foreign demand and market development offer diversity in the property types. From apartments for sale in Murcia to luxury commercial properties, the region and the cities have options for nearly every need. If you are trying to extend your business to this city or only want to invest in Murcia real estate, choosing this city and region is an optimal idea.

Ideal Climate

The region of Murcia is located in southeastern Spain, which has the ideal climate with hot summers and mild winters. All the extensive beaches and beachfront property for sale in Murcia offer comfortable life under the sun all year long.

Multicultural Population

Murcia is among cities with a high foreign population. As an expat who is a newcomer to Murcia, the friendly and cozy environment of Murcia will help you to adapt easier and faster. The multicultural and cosmopolitan population of the city ensures international investors look for opportunities such as commercial property for sale in Murcia Spain.

In conclusion, Murcia is home to the new Spanish dream. Also, that’s why Murcia is called “the California of Spain”. There are various opportunities and benefits to living in or investing in Murcia properties. To choose your next apartment or to buy land in Murcia Spain to build your own dream house, Murcia is among the ideal places.

To make your dream come true, contacting us is enough. Our special and experienced team will ensure your happiness through your buying processes.

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