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Murcia - A Hidden Jem in the Mediterranean

Murcia is nestled in southeastern Spain and is a hub of rich historic culture. It’s a university city full of young locals and enjoys a nice international community. There are many opportunities to buy property in Murcia for those who want to live in a less touristy place and make the most of Spanish culture. Investing in land for sale in Murcia promises a lifestyle full of sea, sun, and a colorful international community with a perfectly rich culture, deep-rooted history, terrific art, and delicious cuisine.

In addition to being one of the most popular destinations, the charming and tranquil province of Murcia bursts with Moorish and baroque architecture and offers a diverse selection of Spanish properties for sale, a very affordable cost of living compared to other countries in Europe, a great number of sunny days, friendly locals, rich heritage and cuisine along with an exhilarating lifestyle.

What land can I build on in Murcia?

To buy land in Murcia Spain in land in Murcia is an excellent way to save money, and create something that completely belongs to you. But, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, one should know about the different sorts of land available in the region, and what each sort requires. Secondly, one should have an understanding of how to choose land and the costs included, and thirdly one should know about the risks involved to make a smart decision when investing in land in Murcia.

Types of Land in Murcia and What They Require

The land in Murcia for sale is classified into three types according to Spanish legislation: suelo urbano, suelo urbanizable, and suelo rústico. This classification is on the list of the Planes Generales de Ordenación Urbanística de cada ciudad. The construction possibilities of each type are very different.

Suelo Urbano Land

This type of land is licensed to build Murcia apartments for sale with limited specifications included in the “Development Plans” of the city, or area, or in specific zones of urbanization called “Partial Plans”. This land consists of all the facilities and requirements for a high-density settlement including public networks of potable water, connection to the main sewage system, electricity supplies, parks and green areas, commercial areas, sports, health, and educational institutions. Urban Land or “Suelo Urbano” is the one that we find in cities, villages, or urbanization, and the ones that have the proper access by roads, pavement, pedestrian areas, and streets. The requirements concerning what type of construction can be built on this land hinge upon the regulations for each sector of the city.

Suelo Urbanizable

This is the type of land where the main use is agricultural activity and the type of land that can be developed with urbanization, commercial areas, industrial parks, etc. in the future and can be reclassified as suelo Urbano. But it is rarely authorized to build new constructions for residential use and these constructions must be in a very low density trying to avoid creating «urbanizations in facto».

Suelo Rústico Land | Suelo No Urbanizable

In the case of non-urbanizable land, construction is very restricted. Only buildings concerning agriculture and livestock are permitted. It is not possible to develop any industrial, residential, or commercial land, because it is designated for protected uses, mostly connected to the forest, agriculture, and others. Therefore, other uses such as residential, industrial, or commercial are very limited, restricted, and not always allowed.

The “suelo no urbanizable” is classified into subtypes of land in its own right, depending on the use allowed, and the level of protection: Protected land (suelo no urbanizable protegido) and non-protected land (suelo no urbanizable comun).

How to Choose the Right Land to Build in Murcia

There are many spots with a diverse range of lands and houses in Murcia for sale. But when it comes to choosing the perfect spot to build your dream home in Murcia, there are a few things to take into accounts such as the amenities, the climate of the region, the proximity to important locations, and the type of obligations the land requires.

Amenities: It is essential to evaluate the kind of amenities that are needed in the surrounding area. Whether the land has access to public transport, if it’s within proximity of shops, schools, and hospitals, or the range of leisure activities it offers plays an important role in deciding upon the land.

The Climate: The climate is another parameter that should be given consideration when one wants to buy land in Murcia Spain. There are a great number of spots within the region, and each one has its unique climate. If you want to escape from colder climates, Murcia will be an excellent idea.

For more information about the best options for land in Murcia, contact us or visit our nearby offices. Our expert team will be happy to guide you through this lovely journey.

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