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Seyedmajid H.Seyedmajid H.

Getting to know Spain Homes in Malaga was one of the best experiences we have ever had. We got to know this company through Google and finally, we managed to buy a house with their help.
A very professional team, from zero to a hundred tasks (getting a visa, opening a bank account, preparing the required documents, buying a property, etc.) are done well by the company's expert lawyers in Spain, Turkey, and experienced personnel. During the few days that we took time to buy a house in Spain, while being by our side the whole time, showing the cities of Alicante and Malaga, their neighborhoods, and the houses they suggested, leaving the decision to ourselves without any insistence on the purchase. We are very happy that we trusted them.

From Spain Homes gentlemen
Onur Yamak
Sefa Muhammed Yılmaz, Onur Arslan
Especially the owner of the company
Mr. Özkan Tekçe and his wife Mrs. Aysun Tekçe
Thank you very much for being with us in all the stages so that we can find the house we want.
Best wishes to Spain Homes Holding