Spain Homes ® assist you in transferring ownership of your Spanish property. You will have all the rights of your new real estate with Zero Failure under the guidance of our property experts.The Process of Transferring a Title Deed in Spain

The deed (Escritura in Spanish) is one of the most important documents in the property purchase process in Spain. Deed title transfer is carried out in the presence of an authorized Spanish Notary.

If you do not give power of attorney, you must be present in person to sign the deeds in a notary public. All parties to the sale must be present at the appointed time or issue the Power of Attorney separately. For example, if you are buying a home in Spain with other people or if the seller is more than one person, you must all be at the notary.

If you are using a mortgage loan, the representative must also be at the notary. Therefore, you need to inform your mortgage lender about the date, time, and place of signing the deeds.

The Process of Transferring a Title Deed in Spain

If you are working with Spain Homes ® professionals, you have a simple and quick deed title transfer process. We have prepared all the steps of the Spanish title deed conveyance process below.

  1. Choosing a notary public and determining the date and time of signature.
  2. Preparing legal documents, such as title deed transfer form, and checking with a lawyer.
  3. Planning your trip if you are going to attend in person.
  4. Agree on the payment method and arrange the necessary funds.
  5. On the date of the appointment, the notary checks and certifies the identity documents. They read the deed aloud (in Spanish) to make sure everything is correct.
  6. The notary approves the payment made by the buyer to the seller.
  7. If there is no objection by either party and the payments are correct, the notary signs the deeds.
  8. You get your unauthorized copy (Copia Simple) from the clerk, as the notary keeps the original documents for several days for registration.
  9. After the deed is signed, the property is registered in the land registry.

You are officially a homeowner in Spain!

The cost of title deed transfer in Spain is usually around €750, but it depends on the selling value of the property.

After the notary transfer the property deed, we also help you get subscriptions such as water, gas, and electricity.

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