Cookies Policy

As, we are using Cookies for enriching, optimizing, and improving the user experience and offer a good quality service. Below, we are giving you detailed information about the “Cookies” that we use and what they are, the typology that we use, how to disable them in the browser, and how to block the installation of third-party Cookies. The visitor of this website can block the used Cookies but in this case, they should consider that it may affect their experiences on the website.

The users of this website, who do not block or disable the Cookies, are deemed to agree with this policy.

What are Cookies? How do they help us?

Cookies are small text files that store information about your visit. They are installed on your browser or on your device (which can be a tablet, smartphone, or connected television) during your tour on the website, on an application, or on a mobile page.

The main purpose of the Cookies, that uses, is to ensure the proper functioning of the website, mobile page, or application by remembering your preferences. In this manner, those Cookies store your selection and preferences like language, search queries, watchlist, etc. and collect anonymous statistical information about the pages that you visited or saw, the period of your visit, and how long you have stayed in order to optimize the user experience.

These cookies help us to maximize the benefits of the website for the user, to optimize the user’s experience while browsing on our website, mobile page, or application, and also to make the usage more personalized. Thus, we can improve our service for navigation and make it easier to use.

The cookies are important tools as they allow us to be more agile and adapted to the user’s preferences and for security, as they help to protect the system, the website, the user, and the data against cyber-attacks. And also, they are important as they help the marketing team to improve the service quality and the experience by allowing them to know statistical data. This data serves us for optimizing the advertising which is configured according to your preferences and thus helps us sharing the offers that best suit your needs.

Cookies do not allow us to know the personal data, but they are associated with anonymous users and their computers or devices. It is always possible for the user or the visitor of the Website to block or disable the installation of Cookies that could be sent; it doesn’t prevent access to the content but may affect the quality of navigation experience.

Which types of Cookies we are using?

We, as, are using different types of Cookies that will be explained in detail as below.

First of all, we can classify the types of Cookies depending on the entity that manages the domain or sends the cookies; as belonging to us (our own) or third parties.

The Own Cookies are the ones that are sent and managed by us only and their purpose is to ensure the proper functioning of the Website. We collect and get the information to improve our service and to give you a better navigation experience.

Third-party Cookies are established by a third party -a domain other than us- and are activated by interaction with the Website content like watching videos on another web channel, using social media (for example ‘like’ on Facebook, ‘retweet’ in twitter, etc.) This data cannot be reached or controlled by our website.

Session Cookies are temporary cookies that are active during the visit of the User on the Website, mobile page or mobile application and they expire and be deleted when the User closes the page or the browser. These cookies ensure the proper functioning of during your visit.

Persistent Cookies are the ones that are saved unless they removed by the User and help us to improve the functionality of the website by remembering your preferences. They also give us the opportunity to personalize the experience for your future visits and tailor the content to your interest, like your favorite properties or your profile if you click the ‘remember me’ button while you log-in. When you visit the Website again with the same device, your device is checked if there is a previous cookie created by If so, it is understood that you have visited the site before and the content to be communicated to you is determined accordingly. Thus, a better service is provided to you through Persistent Cookies.

Performance Cookies are for tracking the performance of the website and collecting anonymous data to improve it. The information collected by these cookies cannot identify the user.

Functionality Cookies help us to remember your choices and preferences for providing more personalized service.

Verification Cookies help us to identify the visitors as Website User when they login to using their passwords. This prevents the User from re-entering his/her password on every page.

Targeting / Advertising Cookies are the ones that used to customize ads for the User and to deliver ads that are more relevant to your preferences by collecting information about your browsing habits. And also, they prevent ads from appearing already displayed.

Personalization Cookies are used to remember the User’s preferences while visiting different pages of the Website. These preferences can be the language or currency choice or ranking preference of search results to be displayed on page etc.

Analytic Cookies help us to generate analysis like the number of visitors, visit hours, most visited pages, time spend on a page, etc.

Google Analytics and Marketing Cookies are used for targeted advertising for the User who visited and interested in some of our offers.

How can I Enable or Disable my Cookies?

Navigating and continuing the visit on means the consent of the User for Cookies Policy and Cookies usage according to the terms mentioned in this document. These Cookies Policy documents can be reached at any time by accessing so that the user is informed. The User holds his right to blocking or disabling the Cookies and exercise this right at any time.

The User or the visitor of the website can block or disable the Cookies at any time by configuring the Browser Settings and deleting the previous data or also rejecting the Cookies at the entrance of the website. Blocking the Cookies would not prevent the use of the Website but may limit the satisfaction from the experience or usage of some services.

Update and Modification in Cookies Policy

From time to time, we may update our Cookies Policy, so it is recommended to check and review it any time the User accesses the Website. Thus, the user or the visitor will be informed about our current Cookies Policy. To facilitate the review, the last revision date is mentioned as below:

* Last revision date: 04/09/2019