What is Golden Visa in Spain?

Golden Visa is a program that allows Non-EU nationals for acquiring residency and citizenship in certain countries. You can move around the Schengen area without being subject to border checks by real estate investment.

Spain is the most popular Golden Visa country because:

  • Spain offers a warm climate, historical structures, architecture, and social activities. It promises a colorful Mediterranean lifestyle.
  • It is the most popular holiday destination with the opportunity to swim and sunbathe on famous beaches all year round.
  • It offers comfortable journeys in the Schengen countries with excellent transport lines, including major international airports, highways, and railways.
  • The education system in Spain offers high-quality options suitable for different expectations. There are many international schools following the English/American Curriculum, private or semi-private bilingual schools, and quality state schools.
  • There is an excellent healthcare system in Spain with a well-managed infrastructure.
  • It is a strong and modern agricultural country. You can live more economically than in many European countries.
  • Prices fell before the real estate crisis and have not yet fully recovered. So low property prices allow a profitable investment.
  • Spain Golden Visa | Spain Homes ®Rental yield is high and offers a high potential for investors.
  • The Spanish economy is the fastest growing economy among European countries.
  • There are lots of sports activities, such as football, basketball, golf, tennis, surf, many.

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What Does Spanish Golden Visa Provide?

  • Travel freely between Schengen countries,
  • Work permit and residency in Spain,
  • Spouses, children below 18 y/o, children above 18 y/o who are dependent on the investor get the visa, too,
  • The right to benefit from public education and healthcare services,
  • The right to apply for permanent residency in Spain and then for Spanish citizenship,
  • Opportunity to earn rental yield by renting investment real estate,
  • Exemption from double taxation. You do not pay taxes on your investments or revenues from outside of Spain as long as you live outside of Spain.

Who Can Apply for Golden Visa in Spain?

  • Non-EU citizens over 18 years old,
  • No criminal records,
  • Those who have not been denied entry to any of the Schengen countries,
  • Those who are not in an illegal situation in Spain
Apply for Golden Visa

How to Get Golden Visa?

  • The following conditions must be met for application:
    • Minimum € 500.000 property purchase that may be spread over more than one property.
    • Minimum € 2.000.000 investment to Spanish Public Debt.
    • Minimum € 1.000.000 stock purchase from Spanish companies.
    • Minimum € 1.000.000 investment to a Spanish investment fund,
  • The prices stated above are net amounts to be paid without taxes and finance.
    • Developing a business plan. The plan should provide employment, create positive economic and social effects, or contribute to the development of science and technology.
  • The investment is always yours and can be sold later on but must be kept for at least 5 years.
  • The investor and his/her family must visit Spain at least once in each visa period.
  • You will need to assign a lawyer for this process. The lawyer fee is around € 10.000 + VAT for a family.

Golden Visa in Spain | Spain Homes ®What Do I Need for a Golden Visa in Spain?

  • Passport valid for at least one more year
  • Marriage certificates and/or birth certificates in case of an application for spouse and children
  • Health insurance documents valid in Spain
  • Criminal record
  • Proof of sufficient resources
  • Proof of investment (in case of real estate; title deed or property registration document)

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Frequently Asked Questions about Spanish Golden Visa

Q: How long does it take to get a Spanish Golden Visa?
The decision process will take 15-20 days after all documents are ready.

Q: How long is the Golden Visa issued?
The application for the Golden Visa is a two-step application process. In the first step, you get an investor visa for one year. At the end of the first year, you will receive a Golden Visa (Spanish Investor Visa) for 3 years.

At the end of the third year, you can renew and extend your residence permit at five-year intervals, as long as you continue to keep your investment in Spain. After 10 years of regular residence in Spain, you can apply for citizenship.

Q: Do I need to come to Spain in person for a Golden Visa application?
No. You do not need to come for the first application. You can work with a reliable company and an authorized lawyer to follow the process safely and easily.

And yes. Once you have your first Visa, you will need to visit Spain in person to apply for a Residence Permit. It will also be the case for your family members if you apply as a family.

Q: How long do I have to stay in Spain to retain my Golden Visa?
You only need to travel to Spain for one day to obtain and renew your residence permit. You do not need to live in Spain for a certain period of time to retain your Golden Visa. If you want to apply for Spanish citizenship, you must spend at least 183 days per year in Spain.

Q: How long does my Spanish Golden Visa last? Can I lose my residence permit?
You can maintain your Golden Visa by renewing your residence permit in the specified periods. It is valid as long as you do not sell your property in Spain or liquidate your investment.

Q: Can I get a mortgage for my Golden Visa investment in Spain?
You must invest in real estate worth at least 500.000 € with your resources. If the value of your investment is higher, you can apply for a mortgage for the excess.

Q: Can I apply for Spain Golden Visa as a joint investment?
The value is determined as an individual investment. Therefore, each investor must meet the minimum requirement individually.

Q: Can I work in Spain with Golden Visa?
Yes. Obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain provides a work permit.

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