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Properties for sale in Marbella, the Cultural City

Marbella is not only a place to rest on the beach or on a yacht, but certainly, it is also to broaden your cultural horizon and appreciation for art. Marbella is a harmonious marriage of different museums, theatres and cinema’s.

The Black Box Theatre is centrally located in a space where artistic creativity is stimulated. Here you will find theatre, dance, art, music and literature with interesting performances, mainly with a modern character. In addition, interesting courses, workshops and activities for children are organized. This 100-seater 500 square meter theatre is a cosy venue that entertains and inspires anyone interested in a more cultural aspect of Marbella. Shows and classes are available in English, Spanish or German. The size and black painted bohemian interior only adds to its charm and feeling of a real underground creative space for people who want to think out of the box.

Located between the neighbourhoods of Las Albaricas and La Divina Pastora is the ‘Teatro Ciudad de Marbella’ theatre. It is a municipal theatre with an extensive cultural offer. There are many performances including dance, music, flamenco and opera. One of the most famous festivals in Marbella is the annual opera festival that attracts many enthusiasts. Built in a classical style and the theatre opened in 2001. There is room for up to 480 people.

Flamenco Dancing

Flamenco is one of the best-known elements of Spanish culture and is mainly found in southern Andalusia. If you like this dance style or just want to experience such a spectacle, go to Tablao Ana Maria Los Chatos Flamenco. It is located in the old centre of Marbella on the Santo Cristo square and is the place to enjoy an impressive flamenco show. The pounding feet and the fiery passion are just the tip of the flamenco dance. Flamenco dancing, which is 1/3 part of the typical Spanish flamenco, has a long history that corresponds to the cultural developments in Spain and has been passed on from mother to daughter and father to son for years. The flamenco dancing and the accompanying music come from the south of Spain and contain influences from the Greek, Roman, Indian, Moorish and Jewish cultures. When the Moors and Jews came to the Iberian Peninsula, influences from these new cultures were incorporated into Andalusia's thriving music and dance world. Contemporary flamenco dance and music are the result of the centuries-long merger of all these cultures.

Marbella counts various museums where you will find works by Picasso and Miró etc. The best known are Museum Ralli, Museum Cortijo Miraflores and the Bonsai Museum.

A kind of open-air museum forms the Avenida del Mar, a modern urban square. Adorned with fountains, pergolas and a collection of sculptures by Salvador Dalí. The collection brings together 10 sculptures designed by Dalí and cast in bronze by Bonvicini in Verona. İt’s one of the few free places you can see loads of his fabulous work in one place.

What Makes Marbella the Perfect Place to Look for Properties?

The Andalusian love for the art and expression is also reflected in the way the buildings of the properties in Marbella is structured and designed.

Modern styled Marbella apartments, penthouses with stunning sea view, cosy townhouses, housing projects in the hills or a fantastic villa in one of the many golf resorts... Each style is mastered by Andalusian architects and progressive construction companies.

Beachfront properties for sale in Marbella are sought after but limited in number and with a hefty price tag. There is mainly real estate for sale in Marbella that are brand new or relatively recent complexes. Villas and houses in Marbella are still very popular, and many are looking for older properties to renovate according their own wishes.

Marbella is a good example of contemporary living in an exclusive location. The buildings of the properties in Marbella for sale are nicely integrated into the natural environment and make optimal use of the often breathtakingly view. Due to the abundant sunlight in Marbella; it is the task of the designer to make full use of this natural light in the Spanish properties for sale in Marbella so that light open living spaces are created.

Modern projects often use the latest technologies aimed at optimum comfort. The Spanish developers also pay attention to sustainable materials and coverings in function of an environmentally friendly construction policy. In this way the efficiency of the property to buy in Marbella is also optimized.

If you are considering buying a real estate in Spain, then Marbella is an excellent option for you. As there are many benefits in buying a property in a resort town such as Marbella. Many of these properties are located in closed compounds with 24-hour security, landscaped gardens and several communal swimming pools and sports areas. In short, a pleasant living environment in style. Underground parking is also often possible in these complexes, which is an advantage especially in the summer season when there are more guests and the parking spaces outside are scarce.

Real estate in Marbella means property in a prime location. The unique location of Marbella, its climate, its reputation, infrastructure and its distinguished international visitors make this city a safe destination for prospective buyers who are looking to buy a property in Marbella.

Further Information

Let Spain Homes assist you in discovering this bustling place. After choosing your dream property in Marbella, pay us a visit at the office. During a visit to our office and a subsequent viewing tour, we will introduce you to the natural, cultural and architectural beauty that this southern city has to offer.

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