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Fuengirola is a city in the Costa del Sol in the province of Málaga, Andalucia. It is located in the southern coast of Spain. Fuengirola draws attention being one of a number of villages along the Costa del Sol that has become prominent due to tourism. As all the towns, cities and villages in Andalucia, Fuengirola has its own Andalucían charm.

Transportation and Social life in Fuengirola

The main airport of the region is Malaga International Airport. It is around a 25 km drive away from Fuengirola. The region has a variety of transportation amenities: train, buses and taxis. These vital transportation links are important reasons that influence buyers to buy a property in Fuengirola, Málaga.

You’ll find walking the best way to get around and explore Fuengirola. Wandering around the narrow city streets of old town and exploring the history, culture and beauty. There are a lot of places to visit and activities to do in Fuengirola, such as its sandy beaches, Sohail Castle, Plaza de toros, its marina, Roman ruins, zoo biopark, aquapark, jet skis, parascending on the beach and many golf courses. Not to mention the traditional cuisine as a main tourist attraction in the area.

Flourishing tourism attracts people to visit and live in the city. Friendly culture attracts foreigners and encourages them to settle in the little village. Accordingly, many industries flourish from the tourism, especially the Spanish real-estate market.

Would You Like to Find Property in Fuengirola that's Perfect for You?

There are many reasons to consider when buying a property in Fuengirola, and the most important, location. Many buyers want to explore location before buying properties for sale in Fuengirola Málaga.

Fuengirola has the most beautiful nature with sandy beaches, green hills and amazing architecture. Lovely Mediterranean culture and the friendly people make foreigners feel welcome.

The region has amazing, sunny weather throughout most of the year. Winters are nice and cool, much different to the harsh winters in the northern parts of Europe. The infrastructure of the town is continuously being developed and the town provides a great range of amenities and social facilities. Most importantly, the prices of property in Fuengirola compared to other places in Europe are very affordable.

Naturally property prices in Fuengirola will different according to many features and factors. First, it is important the type of the property, residential or commercial property in Fuengirola. Also, the location plays a crucial role in determining the price of the real estate in Fuengirola. The price for a town house in Fuengirola, located on the hillside, differs than a house located up on the hill with a panoramic view of the town. Real estate in Fuengirola for sale that has a sea view will have a higher price than the city or hill view Spanish properties in Fuengirola. Another important reason is what facilities the property provides.

Why Spain Homes?

Spain Homes is a local real estate agency based in Benalmádena, Costa del Sol. We offer a wide range of Spanish properties for sale at correct prices like an apartment, house, commercial and land in Fuengirola. Also, you may use filters to refine your search results, save your favorite properties in Fuengirola for sale on our multi-function website.

As a foreigner considering purchasing an apartment in Fuengirola, Spain Homes provide a great and professional assistance to guide you through the purchase process with its expert agents. We know how to help our clients to achieve their dreams and targets, and how to reach our clients satisfaction as we provide a successful purchase experience!

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