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The Peaceful Homes in Fuengirola

Fuengirola is located on the coast in the province of Malaga in the Andalusia region of southern Spain and borders directly on Mijas Costa. The city is located 30 kilometers east of Marbella and 20 kilometers southwest of Torremolinos. The short Fuengirola River has a length of 20 kilometers and runs partly through the city and past the castle, the river flows into the Mediterranean at Fuengirola on the border with Mijas. The city has a coastline of over eight kilometers with good sandy beaches, famous for manyhomes for sale in Fuengirola and there are a number of places of interest. For these reasons real estate in Fuengirola has many different types and choices, for example imagine waking up sea view mansions in Fuengirola with luxury materials. That will be amazing, right?

There are seven beaches that connect to each other, for years all beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag for clean and safe beaches. All child-friendly sandy beaches on this coast run slowly into the sea and the water is calm with little waves. There are many facilities for water sports or beach activities. This region is a good base for villas to buy in Fuengirola and has a subtropical climate with relatively warm temperatures even in winter. In the other hand you can buy a land in Fuengirola, and you may built homes in Fuengirola.

The boulevard, "de Paseo Maritimo" in Fuengirola is a popular draw for tourists who can stroll around extensively and visit the cozy bars and restaurants. You will find traditional Andalusian tapas, Spanish villas for sale and numerous fish restaurants. Fuengirola is a lively resort with more than 300 restaurants, bars, pubs, shops, discos and clubs. In addition, many festivals are organized in the field of music, classical dance, ballet, flamenco, and theater.

The Fuengirola Castle (Sohail Castle) is the symbol of the city; located just outside the city on a hill with an impressive view of the sea. The Arabian castle Sohail or the Moorish fortress was built in the tenth century and was used to defend the coast and the river mouth. Also many investors are choose to start a new business with commercial property in Fuengirola by buying a hotel in this area.

Tuesday is market day, open during the morning hours, is El Baratillo, the largest open-air market on the coast. This market attracts visitors from nearby seaside resorts as well as locals. You will find here clothes, watches as well as the more traditional Andalusian products.

Why Buying a Villa in Fuengirola?

The villas in Fuengirolaare popular for both Spaniards and foreigners. These areas have three major advantages, namely sun, sea and sangria! Unfortunately prices have risen sharply in the last 40 years. Yet, compared to other cities, it is still fairly affordable to buy a house in Fuengirola.

Apart from the financial aspect of purchasing a property in Spain, there is also a health aspect that will play a more important role. Life is wholseom in this region and many people reach old age. The Spaniards eat often and moreover healthy. For example, they use a lot of olive oil, fish, vegetables and meat in their meals. You will undoubtedly adopt this healthy lifestyle due to the wide range of daily fresh products and the warmer climate.

The stressful life in Northern Europe and the lack of sunlight contrasts sharply with the relaxed way of life of the Spaniards. That the sun works overtime in Fuengirola is a fact. You can enjoy warm temperatures here in the summer and even in the winter the temperatures are more pleasant than in Northern Europe where it is often gray, gray and rainy outside. Villas for sale in Fuengirola offer peaceful living standards for you.

Another reason for choosing Fuengirola is that this place and the surrounding area have a lot to offer culturally. Thanks to a rich history, there are many unique monuments to visit, not to mention the beautiful gardens and parks that are scattered throughout the region. Here you can fully enjoy the contact with nature. This region also famous for holiday homes in Fuengirola in the beautiful coastline with pleasant beaches.

The sense of community in Spain is still strong, so every city, every municipality or village has its own local festivals and parades. During these many holidays, the entire community eats, dances and celebrates together. This is also the case in Fuengirola. Buying a town houses or bungalows for sale in Fuengirola, Costa del Sole therefore offers many advantages.

Types of Houses in Fuengirola

Spain is home to villas, townhouses, mansions, cottages and bungalow houses at different type and size. If you want to living in Spain with natural lifestyle, Spanish cottages for sale are unmissable opportunities for you. Holiday cottage in Fuengirola has an unobstrcuted views and close to all social amenities for your luxury life.

If you want to enjoy stunning town in the heart of Spain’s Costa del Sol, then you can consider to buying a Spanish townhouses for sale in Fuengirola. Houses to buy in Fuengirola is the best choice for living with Mediterrean region. Property buyers are preferred in the region thank to houses type, modern design, family-friendly and of course proximity to the beach from their house.

Why Spain Homes?

Whetere you consider to buying private villas in Fuengirola, you are at the right place. We have not only houses for sale in Fuengirola also have apartments in Fuengirola. You can check our user-friendly website and you can find dream any Spanish bungalows for sale to apartments in Spain.

When you decide to buy best villas in Fuengirola there are a number of things you need to know. You need a tax number and it must be checked whether the current owner is the actual owner of the property.

Spain Homes arranges these matters for you and ensures that a purchase agreement is drawn up in which all details are set. In addition, when buying houses in Fuengirola you must open a Spanish bank account to arrange all finances through it. Spain Homes goes with you to the bank. If it concerns a home under construction, We will check the documents of the home after it has been finished. The property must then be registered in the property register and the land register and finally the subscriptions must be arranged for electricity and water supplies. With all this you can count on the help of the team of Spain Homes!

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