Commercial Property for Sale in Málaga Fuengirola

Commercial Properties in Fuengirola – Great for Investors

The Coast of Southern Spain is known for its crystal clear beaches and year-round sunshine, aptly named the coast of the Sun or 'Costa del Sol'. It is a combination between wonderful natural green scenery and the famous turquoise coloured shores of the Mediterranean.

The Costa del Sol region has amazing nature and well-developed infrastructure, which can be seen in the town of Fuengirola. It is one of Spain's most valuable Andalusian towns. Properties for sale in Fuengirola Málaga are characterised by their aesthetic architecture style and high standards.

Fuengirola, one of the most popular destinations on the Costa del Sol, is just 25 km from Málaga International Airport. It can be easily accessible by road, rail or bus. It is not difficult to see why this beautiful coastal town on the Mediterranean is considered to many, their first holiday spot choice when they think of spending their vacation abroad.

This little Spanish town has witnessed great human civilizations throughout history. Roman monuments can still be found in Fuengirola, such as thermal baths near Torreblanca, the ruins of a Roman road with stones from the quarries of Mijas, or the Soheil Castle. These elements of the past show us the importance that Fuengirola held in ancient times.

Fuengirola of today provides one of the best holiday vacations in the region, in which you can enjoy many activities, and visit remarkable places. Playa de Fuengirola, Playa del Castillo, and Playa Ronda Paco are some of its splendid beaches.

Each Tuesday, the outdoor market of Fuengirola takes place. It opens early within the morning until approximately 3 pm and is one of the greatest open-air markets in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol. Attracting both guests and local people, it’s worth checking out the wide assortment of stock on sale, from clothing to high quality imitation designer brands, to local Andalusian crafts.

The climate in Fuengirola is excellent. Fuengirola has over 2800 hours of sunshine and an average annual temperature of 19° Celsius. This sunny year round weather makes Fuengirola a favourite place to visit and live.

Why Do Expats Consider Business for Sale in Fuengirola Málaga?

The amazing nature, lovely culture, and sunny weather create a great opportunity for people who wish to create a business and own a commercial property in Fuengirola. With the potential customers already visiting the area, footfall numbers are almost guaranteed in the busy peak summer months.

You may benefit from a rental return when buying a holiday villa in Fuengirola, particularly in peak summer season. Investing in hotels for sale in Fuengirola is an attractive investment proposition due to the number of tourists.

Getting to Fuengirola is easy, and this adds to the benefits of considering it an ideal location for investment in properties for sale in Fuengirola. Malaga airport is only 25 km away and reachable in approximately 28 minutes by car and just over 30 minutes by bus.

Once you decide what type of investment in commercial properties you are looking for, such as buying a hotel in Fuengirola, then it’s time to contact the best real-estate company in Spain. At Spain Homes, we ensure the best service with 100% customer happiness.

Further Information

At Spain Homes we offer much more than just commercial properties, we also offer a large variety of apartments in Fuengirola for sale. We have different sizes of apartments with different prices that are suitable for all different budgets. And don’t forget to check our website to browse land for sale in Fuengirola Málaga.

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Commercial Property Next to the Beach in the Center of FuengirolaFuengirola commercial property is situated in Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, next to the beach in the city center. The commercial property has new children’s playground and appliances.
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