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Alicante is a coastal city of the Valencian Community in eastern Spain. It is the second largest city in the Valencian Community with approximately 1.8 million population. The mild climate is one of the greatest attractions of Alicante. Its beaches lying along the Mediterranean coast meets with the ideal climate and it becomes one of the most popular tourist areas in Spain. Every year, over 3 million tourists visit the Province of Alicante each year. And also, it is so friendly and beautiful city where approximately more than 100 thousand foreigners live in Alicante. It is an ideal city suitable for both retirees and ex-pats offering tranquility and a wide range of services together.

If you are looking place for Alicante real estate, you have a long list to look for. Altea, Calpe, Benidorm, Denia, Javea, Villajoyosa, and Santa Pola are the most popular towns of Alicante. If you want a more centrally developed place, you should check the city center of Alicante.

Best Beaches to Buy Alicante Real Estate

“Spain, the beautiful country of wine and songs.” Said Goethe about Spain. In Alicante, you should also add the beaches to the list. The expansive beaches of the province are the main highlight of it. Let’s check out the best beaches in Alicante.

Explanada de Espana: On the first line, we have Explanada de Espana. It is actually a promenade near the beach with marbles of Alicante red and four lines of palm trees. It starts from the old town and continues along the city’s marina. The name of this place means “Explanation of Spain” and it explains its beauty and why it is on the first line of the best beaches of Alicante.

Playa de Levante: It is a 2 km long beach in the holiday resort Benidorm of Alicante. This beachline is seen as the Miami beach of Alicante as the skyscrapers are lined after the beach and palm line. Parties and water sports activities near the azure Mediterranean sea will let you live the paradise in the world. And a little tip, Benidorm is home to many luxury houses for sale in Alicante.

Playa San Juan: It is 5 km long and the most popular beach in Alicante. It is located only 8 km from the old town. The green color of palm trees, the white color of the sandy beach, and the blue color of the sea make the perfect contrast on this beach.

Playa de la Fossa: If you want to see a traditional whitewashed Spanish town and a unique beach together, you should visit Playa de la Fossa beach. The beach is located in another famous tourist resort of Calpe, in Alicante. In Playa de la Fossa, you can also have a view of Penon de Ifach natural park.

Historical Heritage of Alicante

Alicante has a historical background of more than 7000 years. The first habitants of Alicante were the first tribes of hunter-gatherers. In Alicante, there are numerous historical fragments from Roman, Greek, Moorish, and medieval European civilizations. We explained a lot about beaches, now let’s look at the best historical places in Alicante for history enthusiasts.

Castle of Santa Barbara: It is a fortress on the Benacantil mountain with medieval Arab origins. Today the main structure and design of the fortress come from the renovation that was made in the 16th century, the golden age of Spain. On the top of the Castle, you can have a beautiful view of the Mediterranean and the marina.

Casco Antiguo: It is the old town part of Alicante. While walking among the whitewashed walls and houses, you will travel in time. Also in this area, there are various cafes and restaurants. You may experience the what 11th century looks like while having a coffee in this beautiful place.

Basilica of Santa Maria: The oldest and the most beautiful church in the city. The church was built over an old mosque built by the Moors in the 13the century. The basilica has twin towers. They look exactly the same, but there are 500 years between them. One of them was built in the 14th century and the other one is built in the 19th century. In the basilica, you should check out the 14th-century gothic statue of Santa Maria and a printed book from the early 13th century.

Alicante city center has many more historical places to visit. If you are a history-lover, you should also check Alicante apartments for sale to be close to these parts of the city.

As a new popular place for international buyers, one-third of the new real estate sales monthly are made to foreigners in Alicante. Foreigners who want to see the Spanish hospitality, tasty Mediterranean cuisine, extensive beaches, and history together, their new destination is Alicante.

The average price for real estate in Spain Alicante is lower than in the other parts of the country. From fertile lands to luxury properties, the developed real estate market of Alicante has properties suitable for everyone. While buying land for sale in Alicante, you have chances to choose between building your own house, using it as an investment, or making your own farm on it.

Alicante has a developed economical status as it is seen as the center of trade in the region and an important headquarter for the European Community. The European Union Intellectual Property Office is also located in Alicante. Also, The European School of Alicante offers international education. With these amenities, Alicante commercial property for sale can help you to grow your business in this Europe Union city.

When deciding to buy property in Alicante, it is advised to work with a professional and experienced real estate agency. As Spain Homes ®, we offer modern services and solutions for your buying processes. Contact us today to get your property in Alicante!

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