NeoVilla | New Approach of Fast House Building - Build in 4 months*

NeoVilla optimizes the waiting time of long building license approval at the municipalities. We build your home at our factory while we get pre-approval from the municipality. When we receive the building permission, it is around 4 months building period of 200 m2 villa.

NeoVilla is a new-generation structure, manufactured with high-quality standardized construction processes, allowing shorter delivery times and competitive prices. It's simpler, affordable, customizable, and easy to build with the latest technologies. Read More...

Modular houses have been on the market for a while and in time, their context has changed remarkably. With technological development and a contemporary approach in the construction market, today’s next-generation villas have transformed into modern residences rather than small, temporary dwellings. Now we offer a new, modern way of living with innovative features and state-of-the-art construction methods.

The building materials are mainly used as same as in traditional construction methods. On the plus side, the modular units of these concrete houses are produced in a heavily controllable environment. The designs and construction stages are closely examined, and executed by an extensive architecture and construction team.

What is a NeoVilla?

NeoVilla is not a modular house in its traditional terms. It is built as a spacious, state-of-the-art villa with attention to detail, which makes it perfect for permanent living.

This concrete house is designed to provide the ultimate comfort to the owner. It is built with the most quality materials, modern and innovative designs suitable for a contemporary lifestyle, and high-end fixtures. They are no less than a home built on-site and more likely to offer more flexibility than you expect.

Advantages of Buying a NeoVilla

NeoVilla brings various advantages including eco-friendly and fast construction, saving time, affordability, flexibility, and sustainability.

• Saving Time for Paperwork: Legal procedures like building permissions take a long time from 4 to 12 months in Spain. We save this time by carrying the paperwork out during the construction phase. While your villa is being constructed, we will handle all legal procedures from getting necessary permits to utility subscriptions. During the whole process, Spain Homes ® expert team will be handling the paperwork stated below:

  • Application to Town Hall for a building permit
  • Application for utility contracts such as electricity, water, gas
  • Documentation for financing
  • Title Deed for new construction
  • Documentation for Notary and Registry Office

• Short Delivery Time: Totally standardized process allows us precise delivery times. It takes 4 to 6 months from start manufacturing to final assembly, which is up to 120% shorter than traditional construction times. Also, as being constructed in a closed factory, the process is not interrupted by weather conditions.

• Competitive Prices: Since it’s not a time and effort-consuming project, the prices can be more affordable than site-built constructions that take 10-15 months to finish.

• Monitored and Guaranteed Construction: Each stage of the production is closely monitored and operated by a skilled team in the factory setting, which leaves less room for error. It also allows at-the-moment response to any unwanted issue during the production phase.

• Flexibility for the Future: Modular structures provide more flexibility. The dimensions of spaces can be extended by adding more modules over time if conditions are met.

• No Surprise Costs: With standardized construction, total costs can be calculated before starting the work so there will be no cost overruns.

• Customized Interior Design: You can select the surrounding materials in accordance with your lifestyle with different types of wall finishes, flooring, bathrooms, etc. with our interior design team.

• Ecological: Since the production process would be carried out in a factory environment, it would reduce the construction waste of materials and supplies. Also, thanks to their advanced insulation system, the houses will reduce energy consumption and lower their impacts on the environment.

Key Stages of Building a NeoVilla on a Plot

NeoVilla Construction Process Infographic

Spain Homes ® works with the best partners to provide the most unique purchasing experience to its customers. There are 5 simple stages of the construction process of houses.

Find where you want to live: First, we will find the most suitable plot and choose your villa model for the architectural project to start. We manage the applications for necessary permits. Check our plots to build your NeoVilla!

Construction: The modular construction starts in the factory. Along with it, the executive and foundation operations were carried out in the plot.

Integration: Each module transferred from the factory to the plot will be inserted into the base. After each module is safely and correctly installed, your new villa will be stabilized on your plot.

Final Touch: The last stage is turning the empty spaces into a cozy home by decorating. After the house was entirely complemented, the fixtures and finishes will be the last touches.

Congratulations, you have successfully got your new home in Spain. And it only took 4 months!

NeoVilla price inclusion infographic

Contact us!

Since this whole process needs attention to detail, operational skills, and full knowledge of the subject; each step requires certain expertise. For the most smooth experience, we combine Spain Homes ® professionalism with the most trustable and skilled construction partners. To have a NeoVilla in Spain today, contact us and arrange a meeting with our specialists.

*4 months is the average building time for a 200 m2 villa. You will be given an exact time for the pre-approval of your home.

Delivery time might be affected by municipality building and first occupancy license permissions.


Mijas 305
Mijas 305
Mijas 305
Concrete, Steel, Wood
265 m²
€ 534.141
Courtyard 544
Courtyard 544
Courtyard 544
Concrete, Steel, Wood
470 m²
€ 1.021.707
Next 220
Next 220
Next 220
Concrete, Steel, Wood
220 m²
€ 465.447
Yana 202
Yana 202
Yana 202
Concrete, Steel, Wood
202 m²
€ 434.982
Aqua 577
Aqua 577
Aqua 577
Concrete, Steel, Wood
484 m²
€ 999.513
Warm 445
Warm 445
Warm 445
Concrete, Steel, Wood
415 m²
€ 715.889