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Spain is the fifty-second largest country in the world, while it is the fourth largest country in Europe in terms of geography. Spain is bordered by Portugal in the west, Gibraltar in the south, the Mediterranean Seas in the southeast, France, Andorra, and the Atlantic Ocean in the north. In addition, the country links the European and African continents.

The Continental climate may be felt in the inner parts and the Oceanic climate may be felt in the northern part of the country although the Mediterranean is dominant throughout the country. You can enjoy the sun and mild climate 300 days a year since the Mediterranean climate is the dominant climate type.

Spain attracts people with its countless natural and historical beauties. Spain has the largest number of blue flag beaches in the world, with 589 blue flag beaches. Also, the country offers unique scenes with its islands, mountains, and rivers.

Spain is one of the favorite places of tourists with its traditional Mediterranean cuisine, dance culture, lifestyle, small and quiet towns, art galleries, and 45 World Heritage Sites at the same time. For these reasons, the number of people coming to Spain for vacation, living, and investment is increasing every year.

Investment in Spain

Apartments for Sale in SpainTiming is very important when you decide to invest. Finding the best time for the best investment increases the income potential of the investment. The next step is to decide on the type of investment when you find the right time.

You may think of houses and flats for sale in Spain since Spain stands out with its high tourist potential, but investment opportunities may occur in other areas. Let’s look at them together;

Land: Spain is the biggest olive oil and third-biggest wine-producing country in Europe. Also, approximately 50,000 new homes are built every year across the country. Therefore, investing in land in Spain for sale has high-income potential in long term.

Commercial property: Spain is one of the leading countries in the production of industrial materials, especially machinery and motor vehicle parts. Also, the need for stores and shops is increasing to meet the needs of millions of tourists coming to Spain every year. Thus, purchasing commercial property for sale in Spain offers the regular income potential throughout the year.

House: Buying houses for sale in Spain doesn’t always have to be for investment. You can also purchase a home for vacation or live in one of the beautiful seaside towns of Spain. However, you can easily get regular income by renting out the house during the tourism season due to Spain’s high tourism potential if you decide to buy a house for investment.

Apartment: There are many reasons for buying an apartment in Spain. It can be an investment although people generally prefer to buy a flat in Spain for living. Apartments in Spain can be rented out easily and may provide regular income.

There are many factors to consider when you decide to buy apartments for sale in Spain. These factors are as follows;

Size of the apartment: Your first priority in a flat should be the usage area when buying a flat. You don’t want to buy a narrow flat if you have a large family. Also, you don’t need to pay extra costs for more spacious usage areas if your family is just you and your spouse. Apartments in Spain for sale can range from small studio apartments to spacious five-bedroom apartments.

Type of apartment: Your next priority should be the type of apartment. There is a wide variety of apartments types available in Spain. You can find apartments with the features you want, such as a ground-floor apartment with a capacious garden or a penthouse apartment with sea views. You can choose the one that suits your wishes and requirements.

Social amenities and on-site facilities: One of the most important factors is the amenities, promised by the apartment. You can easily reach your needs thanks to these amenities if you are buying Spain apartments for sale for living. In addition, you can easily rent out the apartment thanks to its facilities if you are buying an apartment for investment.

Location: Location is a factor that almost everyone knows. However, it is quite important to find a location that fits your budget. You can always find a location that fits your needs and budget. Spain has a wide variety of apartment types such as from an apartment surrounded by nature to a beachfront apartment. Therefore, you can easily find your dream home.

The Best Regions to Buy a Flat in Spain

 apartments for sale in Benalmadena SpainAlicante: The region has many holiday resorts such as Torrevieja, Rojales, Orihuela. Also, the region stands out with its wonderful beaches and natural beauties. Alicante is one of the most important holiday regions in Spain and has all kinds of opportunities to meet the needs of tourists, who come to Spain for vacation. You can easily find apartments with sea views or nearby the sea.

Malaga: The region has famous holiday resorts such as Mijas, Estepona, Benahavis, Benalmadena, Marbella, Fuengirola. Malaga hosts thousands of tourists every year thanks to its historical heritage, magnificent beaches, art museums, shopping opportunities, and cuisine. The region is one of the most suitable areas for living; therefore, it has a dense local population.

In addition, the region is a great location for retirement life or a quiet life with your family with its mild climate. Malaga attracts the attention of many people thanks to its easy access to other regions and Malaga Airport, where you can find flights throughout the year. Thus, you can find your dream house by checking out apartments for sale in Benalmadena Spain.

Murcia: The region, stretching from the foothills of the mountains to the sea offers wonderful panoramic views. Murcia, which hosts thousands of tourists every year, stands out with golf tourism. There is no better option than Murcia for you if you are a golf lover. You can enjoy both the sea and the luxury golf resorts by purchasing an apartment for sale in Murcia.

Residence Permit in Spain

One of the most important advantages of buying a flat in Spain is that you can get a residence permit in Spain. You can enjoy all these beauties, travel freely to Schengen countries, or start a business in Spain.

There are two types of long-term residence permits in Spain. The first one is called Golden Visa, which is obtained through investment. You can apply for a Golden Visa by making a real estate investment of 500,000 EUR. You have almost all the rights that a Spanish citizen has by having a Golden Visa.

The other visa type is the Non-Lucrative visa. This visa type is also known as a “retirement visa”. You can get this visa as one year + two years + two years. It allows you to live in Spain for up to 5 years. After 5 years, you can apply for a long-term residence permit.

However, you have to submit a regular income or money in your bank account showing that you can live without working in Spain. The easiest way is to submit your pension in your home country.

Buying an apartment in Spain is not a simple process while we consider all these factors. Spain Homes offers you the best options for you and your family by listening to your wishes and requirements. Our priority is to meet your needs with our before and after-sales services.

You can check out our daily-updated website or contact our expert and professional team now, to find your dream home.

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