We all know that buying a house may be an exhausting process, especially if you are buying abroad. Our expert team of Spain Homes will always be by your side all along this journey to make it a simple and pleasant one.

When you purchase a property in Spain, we will supply you with a customized property sales agreement which is revised by our legal consultants. Please always keep in mind that our team is a bridge between the seller and the buyer in order to complete the process in a professional manner. All the properties published on our website are controlled and approved.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Buy a Property in Spain?

Getting legal assistance in a property purchase is not a legal obligation. But we recommend you get it for having support during the preparation of the documents or to act on your behalf with a Power of Attorney so you would not have to be in Spain for all the details.

We can offer you one of our trusted legal partners who speak your language to follow up on this process.

Legal Support: Lawyer and Solicitor SupportsWhat Does a Lawyer Do?

1. Legal Check of the Property: The most important thing when purchasing a property is to have the right person as the contact and to make sure that you are buying the right property which is shown to you by the seller. The lawyer will be guaranteeing it by checking all the necessary records and documents. When buying real estate, below mentioned cases should be checked:

  • Debts such as a mortgage, loan or tax, etc.
  • If it is freehold or not
  • Legal ownership
  • Basement
  • Building license
  • Planning permits

2. Purchase Offer, Reservation Contract and Deposit Payment: With the Reservation Contract, you secure the property in your name and agree upon the price and sales conditions. Also, you secure your deposit payment.

3. Property Purchase Contract: The lawyer will be checking the terms of the contract in order to protect your rights during the purchasing process.

How Much Will It Cost to Have a Legal Assistance?

Legal fees may vary depending on the amount and the complexity of the work to be carried out. But with a rough estimation, it would be around 1% of the purchase value.