Commercial Property for Sale in Spain

As a country surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Spain has a geographical advantage in overseas trade. The strait of Gibraltar is a gateway to Europe for the United States and South America.

This strategic advantage makes Spain an important import & export country that has major harbors currently active in international trade. Trade activities occupy nearly 60% of Spain’s GDP. The exported products are mostly related to the mechanic and car industry. The country is among the ten most industrialized countries in the world.

Spain’s economy mostly centers around production, wholesale, telecommunication, retail production and trade, industry, accommodation, and food services. This Mediterranean country has the 4th most powerful economy in Eurozone.

As well as at the international trade, Spain has big potential in the domestic market either. With nearly 46 million residents and 30 million visitors per year, the local market is promising high profits in terms of domestic commerce. Today, the service and tourism sectors are the local income sources in Spain.

Spain’s commerce and trade market is promising for establishing a new business, relocating, or expanding the service area of your existing one.

What Kind of Commercial Properties are at Peak in Spain?

Commercial Property for Sale in SpainSpain’s beautiful nature, laidback Mediterranean atmosphere, and well-preserved cultural heritage make the country a perfect place for a joyous holiday. Spain is ranked as the second destination with the highest tourist demand after France.

Spain’s famous coastal and historical settlements such as Málaga, Marbella, Cádiz, Murcia, Valencia, Alicante, and Barcelona stand out as favored tourism centers. The number of retail businesses in these settlements increases in parallel with the high tourist population.

Correspondingly, stores and shops for sale in Spainare the high-demanded commercial real estate types. Thanks to its convenient climate with nearly 300 sunny days in a year, the country always draws the attention of foreigners all year long. Shops and stores in Spain provide not only a seasonal gain but also a long-term profit because of the neverending demand.

As the Mediterranean heaven of outdoor activities and the most favored golf destination in Europe, the golf resorts are among the most highly demanded types of commercial real estate in Spain. There are nearly 400 golf courses throughout the country. 12.7% of the tourists who visited Spain for the first-class golfing experience choose the Costa del Sol region.

Most of these famous golf courses are designed as resorts with numerous social facilities including hotels, golf houses, clubhouses, saunas, spa centers, massage rooms, heated and cold plunge pools, sports fields, etc. These resorts and hotels are great options to invest in a commercial property for sale in Spain.

The country is also home to hundreds of multinational companies. Because of its universality, Spain is usually preferred by global companies to expand their service area.

Thanks to its strategic location and reputation as a gateway to Western Europe, most worldwide-known companies choose Spain to establish their new branches mostly in retail, construction, phone, and telecommunication fields. Businesses for sale in Spain are a perfect choice for getting access to Europe in terms of marketing.

The country is the biggest olive oil producer in Eurozone and the world’s third-largest wine producer. Other than food production, Spain is also a leading manufacturer of industrial materials, especially machinery and motor vehicle parts.

The improved manufacturing technology, well-developed mining industry, and sufficient market allow manufacturing businesses to yield efficiently. If you are planning to establish a business in manufacturing and production, there are a vast amount of factories, production centers, and warehouses in Spain.

Tip: While buying a commercial property in Spain, you may want to beware of the taxation system of the country. The taxes may differ between the types of properties from homes for sale in Spain to commercial properties, also the status of the buyer. The VAT rates will be different if the buyer is an individual or a company.

Tip: You may need an opening or operating license to provide certain kinds of services to customers. The town hall may require some restorations for granting the license. Make sure that the property you bought is suitable for your business field. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the property as you wish.

Where to Buy a Commercial Real Estate in Spain?

Commercial Property for Sale in SpainPurchasing a commercial property is different than buying apartments in Spain for sale. If you made up your mind about investing in commercial real estate in Spain, you will need an efficient plan to make sure of the success of your business.

The location is a significant fact when purchasing commercial real estate as well as buying land in Spain. The location fact comes into play at this part because it is important to match your purpose with the right location to maximize your income and make your business sustainable.

The property you will purchase for your business must meet certain conditions such as space width, interior features, suitability, accessibility, and visibility. For growth and sustainability, it is important to choose somewhere accessible and visible. Your business’ physical visibility will increase your profits in parallel with the demand. It will secure the future of your business and maybe open a new door for expanding your services.

Spain is a decentralized country with 17 autonomous communities. Apart from the country’s economy, each region had developed its own source of finance. The coastal settlements benefit from astonishing coasts, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and attract thousands of tourists each year. The cities of Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca are the most outstanding regions to buy and manage holiday resorts with extensive on-site facilities.

The country’s leading business centers are located in the capital city Madrid and Barcelona. However, in terms of purchasing and maintenance costs; Málaga, Benalmádena, Alicante, and Seville can also be convenient for establishing the new headquarters of your business in Spain.

If you are looking for a store or a shop for your brand, Marbella – the city of luxury and glory – is the perfect option. The city appeals to the highest class of society and is famous for its sumptuous lifestyle. Most worldwide-known brands choose Marbella to present the value of their brands and showcase their products.

Other than Marbella, the most visited coastal cities such as Málaga, Alicante, and Murcia can be a few options for buying commercial property in Spain. These settlements are constantly developing and property values are increasing day by day. Buying commercial real estate in these coastal regions can be beneficial to secure the future of your business.

For more information about the best options for commercial properties in Spain real estate market, call us or visit our nearby offices. Our expert team will be happy to guide you through this lovely journey.

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