Spain Homes ® promotes and sells your property professionally with efficient sales strategies. Our website has access to hundreds of potential buyers. It means that tens of thousands of people will view your real estate.

Our team consists of professional estate agents, trusted legal partners, and many property specialists, who are experts in legal and tax matters. We assist you in the entire sales process and check that everything is carried out with Zero Failure.

How to Sell a Property in Spain?

Selling Your Property in Spain with Spain Homes ®

1. Meeting

Our experienced team will arrange a meeting with you. At this meeting, we ask for relevant documentation to make sure:

  • Your property is debt-free,
  • It can be sold without any problems,
  • All taxes are paid.

We set a realistic selling price for your property and make it marketable. At this stage, you might consider putting in some finishing touches (like repainting the property, perhaps completing some maintenance) to make your property more marketable.

2. Contract and Photos

After visiting your property, we sign a real estate contract. If you do not currently live on your property and do not have enough time to join viewing tours of your property, you can give us a key. We take professional photos of your real estate to add to our website.

3. Viewing Tour

You need to be available for viewing tours. We bring potential buyers for your property. We notify you before buyers arrive. Some tours can take a short time. As we said before, if you do not have time for tours, you can leave us the key.

4. Sales Stage

Costs of Selling a Property in SpainWe assist buyers and sellers in the entire buying and selling property process, from paying a deposit to obtaining a title deed. You need to prepare some documents:

  • DNI or NIE and passport of the owner(s)
  • Original public purchase sale deed (Escritura de compraventa)
  • Cadastral certificate (Certificado catastral)
  • Occupancy certificate (Cédula de Habitabilidad)
  • Land registry certificate (Nota Simple)
  • Energy performance certificate (EPC) (Certificado de la Eficiencia Energética) if the property is older than 10 years.
  • Latest community fees receipt
  • Latest utility bills
  • Technical Building Inspection Certificate (Certificado de Inspección Técnica del Edificio (ITE))

Depending on your property type, our team will inform you in detail about the required documents.

Costs of Selling a Property in Spain

The expenses of selling a property and how you will pay them are determined by which category you belong to:

  • If you are a foreigner who is not living in Spain, you must pay 20% of the profit from the sale (the difference between when you buy the property and when you sell it).

On the day you complete the transaction at the notary, 3% of the total amount is deducted from the final payment you receive. This is a partial payment of the main 20%. The rest is paid at the tax office.

* If 3% is more than 20% of the profit, you can apply to pay 20% instead of the flat rate of 3%. You can request this payment later.

  • If you are a foreigner who has lived in Spain for 3 years or more, you can prove this, and you can prove that you intend to live in Spain, you may be exempt from the regular 3%, and you only pay 20% tax on profits from sales.

You can declare it on the tax declaration of the following years. You can also be exempt from 20% if you invest all the proceeds from the sale in another house where you live.

* If you are a foreign resident aged 65 or over, you are not liable for capital gains tax if you can prove that you have earned less than €11,200.

Plusvalia or land value tax is a local (municipal) tax charged by the municipality on the sale of property based on the value increase in the property's land. The amount to be paid in tax depends on how long the seller has owned the property. The longer the period, the higher the tax amount. This tax can be paid by both parties. So, we recommend talking about it during the negotiation process.

What are the Advantages of Selling Property in Spain with Spain Homes?

Maximum VisibilityMaximum Visibility

We publish your property on public channels, our international website, available in 9 languages, ​​and many well-known real estate portals.

International Buyers

International BuyersWe work with international channels in more than 10 languages ​​and have professional agents competent in 20 languages. No matter what country, people from all over the world can see and learn more about your property in their native languages. So do not be surprised if we show up at your door with a foreign buyer.

Focused Advertisement

Focused AdvertisementQuality advertising requires the necessary marketing techniques, experience, and understanding of the sector. Your property is photographed by a professional photographer, and our editorial team prepares ads to highlight your property's best features.

One-Stop Agency

You can find many services, usually offered by more than one company or specialist, under our roof:

  • Tailored Marketing: To save time, we will match your property with buyers who have the same expectations as your property and answer questions from potential buyers on your behalf.One-Stop Agency
  • Key Holding: If you do not have time or cannot accompany all the viewing tours, we keep your keys in our office.
  • Legal Paperwork: Our professional team gives you the support you need in paperwork.
  • Viewing Tours: Our professional estate agents organize viewing tours of your property.
  • Elimination of Non-Serious Buyers: To save time, we will filter out non-serious buyers.

Appraisal ReportAppraisal Report

Our experts give you the real value of your property by focusing on real market data. We can also arrange a property valuation report for your property.

100% Happiness and Zero Failure100% Happiness and Zero Failure

We have a Zero Failure policy. It means that you can sell your property without any problems, thanks to our company's years of experience. We have had thousands of successful sales with zero failures and 100% happiness for both seller and buyer. You can see the experiences of our happy customers with us on the Testimonials of Spain Homes page.

FAQ about Selling Home in Spain

Q: Is it hard to sell property in Spain?
Yes and no. If you have no experience selling a property, the process can be complicated and tedious. But, if you work with us, your process is easily completed in a short time with our experience and local knowledge.

This is the importance of working with a professional team. What seems difficult for many people is actually what we do every day. It is all about finding the right expertise.

Q: What are the costs of selling a home in Spain?
The main taxes are capital gains tax and plusvalia (taxation on the property's land). There can be additional payments depending on the type of property. For example, if your property has extra features such as a swimming pool, gardens, etc., you may have to pay community fees. We inform you about these extra fees at the first meeting.

Q: Is it a good time to sell my house in Spain?
Yes. The feared backlash of Brexit is not here. British buyers have increased a lot lately. Because the taxes and cost of living in Spain are cheaper than in most EU countries. So, you can sell your property in Spain after Brexit with a great profit.

Q: What is the license or certificate of the second occupancy?
The second occupation license or certificate is a compulsory document when selling a property in Spain. It indicates that the property is suitable for living.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes if I sell my property in Spain?
Yes. Depending on your residence status, you can pay these taxes either when you sell the property or on your next year's tax return.

Q: How long does selling a house in Spain process take?
In essence, the selling time of the property depends on the purchase price. It usually takes between 3 and 6 months. Regardless, we continue our marketing efforts throughout our agreement.

However, the sale of a property is not always determined by marketing. If you want to sell your property fast, the price should be cheaper than the general price range of the market. This is the biggest piece of advice on selling your property in Spain fast.

Q: Do I have to be there for viewing tours?
No. If you do not live on the property, you can give your key to us. We will keep you safe in our office. Our experienced agents can answer questions and arrange viewing tours on your behalf.

Q: What is the correct price for my property?
Our local experts will suggest the correct price for your property. Our experts get the necessary information about the location, the real value of the properties in the area, the facilities in the location, and your home features. Then, we give you a fair and accurate price.

Q: Will there be lots of viewing tours for my property?
It changes. As we understand potential buyers' wishes and expectations, there will still be a lot of requests. But, we do not arrange a tour if buyers’ needs do not match your property. We do not waste your time with non-potential customers.

Q: How does the process work when someone wants to buy my property?
We welcome you and the buyer to our office to set the terms and sign the sales contract. After the parties sign the contract, the deposit payment is made, and the title deed applications begin.

Q: When will I receive my payment?
Full payment is made at the title deed transfer. Vocal confirmation is requested from the seller before final signatures.

Q: Can I sell my property furnished?

Q: Will my property match with Spain Homes’ portfolio?
Yes. We have a wide variety of property types in Spain, such as apartments, houses, commercial properties, and lands.

Q: Do I have to hang a “For Sale” board?
No. But, studies show that there is a 20% higher increase in viewing tour requests when a property has signage.