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Your New Life Begins with Flats in Marbella

The old center of Marbella exudes the typical Andalusian atmosphere. Lovely streets, narrow alleys and white Marbella houses are decorated with flower boxes full of colorful geraniums. Cozy small shops, bars, restaurants and terraces are surrounding the pleasant squares with refrigerant fountains and gorgeous parks and gardens. If you are looking for apartment in Spain, flats in Marbella will be good choose for you. Spain Homes will be happy to help you with everything you need, from choosing the best villa in Marbella, to all after-sale services.

History of the Region

The old heart of Marbella is the Plaza de los Naranjos, or the "Square of the Orange Trees" which were planted in 1941. The oranges grow abundantly on this beautiful town square. Most of the buildings around this square date from the period 1485 to 1568, when the Christians conquered the Moors. Three beautiful historic buildings can be found around the square, namely the Casa Consistorial, the Casa del Corregidor and finally the Ermita de Santiago, one of the oldest churches in Marbella. Plaza de los Naranjos has an intimate setting where it is wonderful to relax under the shady orange trees. Here you feel that the city is steeped in history.

The Plaza de Altamirano is located in another quiet corner of the old town. On this beautiful square you taste the historic atmosphere of Marbella, with its old-fashioned street lamps and green palm trees. Around the square you will find quaint old houses with classic iron balconies, where climbing plants and blooming purple bougainvillea provide a summer touch.

High Demand to Apartments in Marbella

The demand for real estate in Marbella has always been high due to its jet-set atmosphere and celebrity attraction. Apartments for sale in Marbella can be labeled as a potentially viable investment. In this lively city there is high demand for short and long-term rentals. So you invest by buying an apartment without buying a commercial property in Marbella. Many Marbella apartments are located in exclusive and quiet residential areas. Not only the region of Marbella is exclusive, but also the projects can be described as majestic.

There is a lot of new construction in Marbella and the projects are often quite large-scale. The current trend consists of projects with a much smaller number of apartments. Often the projects are aimed at offering customized designs by top architects with no two apartments identical. The emphasis on buyers who are looking for apartments in Marbellla equipped with luxurious and unique quality material. The presence of home automation technology that can control everything in the home, from security and audio-visual systems to opening and closing curtains from just one control handset is often the most requested feature for this segment of affluent buyers. The new flats for sale in Marbella offer the latest trends in luxury living and can often be described as sublime.

Magical Mediterranean Marbella

Today Marbella is perhaps the most famous resort of the Costa del Sol and has a reputation as one of the most glamorous holiday destinations in southern Europe. This city was discovered by the jet setters in the 60s and the popularity has grown exponentially since. Nowadays Marbella represents a luxurious and classy way of living.

About 7 kilometers from the old town is Puerto Banús, the most famous and fashionable marina in Marbella. In Puerto Banús you will find exclusive boutiques with haute couture brands, as well as first class golf courses, namely Marbella Golf and Country Club, and Santa Clara Golf.

Those looking for relaxation have to visit the golden sandy beaches and the well-known beach clubs Nikki Beach, Ocean Club or La Sala by the Sea.

Mountainous Region - Pure Nature

The area around Marbella is characterized by a beautiful hilly landscape. There are two national parks nearby. In the former noble hunting ground Doñana, you find countless migratory birds resting on their journey from south to north. The marshy delta area contains no roads and hardly any houses, and is therefore perfect for quiet walks. Another well-known national park is the Sierra Nevada, which literally means "snowy mountain range".

Marbella enjoys its own unique microclimate, thanks to its ideal position between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain landscape of the Sierra de las Nieves and the La Concha. La Concha is at 1,200 m above sea level the highest point in the Marbella region. The name means "shell" in Spanish - because of the shape of the mountain.

La Concha is located in the southernmost part of the Sierra Blanca mountain range, which is an extension of the beautiful Sierra de las Nieves and the nature park of the same name.

La Concha keeps the cold wind away from Marbella in the winter, creating the microclimate. If you drive away from Marbella towards Malaga you can sometimes experience a temperature difference of 3 to 5 degrees, especially in the winter. In the summer, La Concha retains the cool sea air, making the temperatures slightly more pleasant than in the surrounding regions.

Cuisine and Delicacies

In a very narrow street at the start of the old center of Marbella, you will find a gold mine of nice original tapas restaurants. Bar El Estrecho is not immediately noticed in terms of appearance, but certainly in terms of food. It is one of the oldest tapas restaurants in Marbella, namely started in 1954! A healthy mix of meat, fish, seafood and vegetables is on the menu.

One of the most typical dishes in Marbella is grilled sardines (espeto de Sardiñas). The sardines, grilled over an open fire at the beach restaurants, are perfectly cooked and eaten with roasted bell pepper salad. This typical regional dish is prepared in a special way. This is originally a dish for poor people or modest families. But "Miguel el de las Sardinas (Miguel of the Sardines)" had the great idea of opening a Chiringuito (beach bar). The dish consists of 6-7 sardines on a skewer, as if they were stung by a sword. This skewer is stuck in the sand next to the fire. This way they are roasted alongside, until they are ready – it’s delicious and a must-try!

Marbella offers also numerous international bistro-style restaurants, such as Alinda and The Orange Tree. There are also kitchen-specific options such as Thai, Indian, Argentinian and Italian restaurants.

Why Spain Homes when Buying an Apartment in Marbella?

The most important factor when buying an apartment in Marbella remains to make an informed, well-informed decision. Together with you we make a plan so that the purchase of your flat in Marbella does not result in unexpected surprises. We mainly look at your requirements and use our experience, knowledge and a professional network to find a suitable home.

Spain Homes guarantees you full, accurate and honest information. We are aware of the importance of correct and clear communication. We assist you in every step in your search for the ideal apartment in Marbella. Moreover, we have a wide range of property types including apartments, houses, shops, hotels and lands for sale in Marbella.

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