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Murcia - A Place in the Sun

Murcia is nestled at the South-East end of the Iberian Peninsula, between Andalusia, Castile-La Mancha, and Valencia. The Region of Murcia borders the province of Albacete in the North, the province of Alicante in the East, the provinces of Granada, Albacete, and Almería in the West, and the Mediterranean in the South-East.

Because of its location in a transitional area between the Sub-Baetic mountain range and the northern Sub-Meseta, Murcia stands out with contrasts between the dry vs. irrigated land, plains vs. mountainous areas, and coastline vs. interior.

The Murcian coastline of over 170 km offers both open shores with wild seas and small coves with calm, tranquil waters. It shelters numerous wonders of nature including sand dunes, beaches, salt-water lagoons, and mud flats which are mostly declared Protected Natural Areas.

The A to Z of Investing in Murcia

Murcia, with its sandy beaches and grasslands, is one of the finest places with a wide range of reasons to invest in Spain. These reasons can be listed as:

• Sparsely Populated and Unaffected by Heavy Tourism
• Family-Friendly
• Rich Culture
• Easy Access with an International Airport
• International Schools
• A Vast Amount of Water Activity Options: whale watching, scuba diving,
• Suitable for Farming
• Bountiful Amenities
• Fascinating Architecture

Crème de la Crème of Places to Settle in Murcia

Fuente Alamo

Fuente Alamo is situated in the countryside south of Murcia, surrounded by mountains, farms, and windmills. The tranquil and peaceful town is away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. It is a notable destination for ex-pats with a golf resort, growing economy, and new international airport.

Even though the Mediterranean town offers a range of reasonably priced apartments and townhouses, most ex-pats prefer the countryside where there are numerous farmhouses and plots of land for sale in Murcia.

The town of Fuente Alamo is not only generous in terms of house options but also amenities around them. One can find all sorts of daily and social needs including a public health clinic, pharmacies, dentists, a variety of Spanish state schools, international schools with an English curriculum, numerous shops, restaurants, banks, specialist food stores, local parks, golf clubs, and sports facilities. Within a 30-minute drive, you can also find the new international airport for the Murcia region along with the local beaches. The modest town offers regular bus services around the region for those without transport.

In addition to its peaceful environment and vast amenities, Fuente Alamo tends to be a bit more affordable compared to other notable spots on Costa Blanca due to its location that is off the tourist radar. All these together make Fuento Alamo the perfect place to buy a house in Murcia Spain.


Balsicas is nestled in Murcia Province, 15 minutes inland from the beaches of Los Alcázar. The peaceful and tranquil country village with breathtaking views of the Mar Menor and the Murcia mountains offers an escape to the countryside and enjoys rural bliss.

The friendly and welcoming village with fascinating golden architecture offers its residents a fine selection of bars, cafés, and restaurants serving delicious local cuisine along with golf courses in every direction.

Whether you prefer old and characteristic houses or fully-fitted new houses in Murcia for sale, there is something for everyone in Balsicas: villas, townhouses, bungalows, and apartments at very reasonable prices. What’s more, is that the peaceful town is also renowned for its extensive amenities including a hospital, medical center, Spanish state schools, English-language schools, pharmacies, dentists, opticians, banks, and a petrol station as well as a fine selection of shops, bars, cafés, and restaurants all within a short distance.

The friendly and welcoming village with fascinating golden architecture offers excellent transport links, with its own train station and regular buses. You can reach San Javier Airport in 15 minutes and Murcia International Airport within only 20 minutes.

Balsicas is a great option to buy apartment in Murcia Spain with great value for money, low living costs, and highly affordable property.


Sucina is a small village in Murcia Province placed around 15 minutes inland from the coastal city of San Javier. The quiet and peaceful village is surrounded by golf courses and attractive resorts. It is a tranquil hideaway with good access to nearby cities and leisure resorts.

The picturesque village welcomes an authentic Spanish community, with a smaller population of well-integrated ex-pats. It hosts restaurants, bars, and cafés with fine local cuisine and enjoys numerous amenities such as a medical center, pharmacists, opticians, veterinarians, state schools, international schools, pharmacies, several banks, and grocery stores. You can find a hospital in less than 15 minutes and golf courses within 10 minutes from the village center.

The tranquil town of Sucina is also perfectly situated 15 minutes to San Javier center, 20 minutes to San Javier Airport, and just under 30 minutes to Murcia International Airport with a bus service that travels to and from Murcia.

Sucina offers a mixture of old and new, including apartments, villas, and townhouses along with several new developments that offer good value for money as well as lower living costs compared to some other reputed coastal resorts.

Murcia Offers The Opportunity To Choose from a Variety of Houses

The Mediterranean province presents a variety of options to buy a house in Murcia Spain types including country houses, farmhouses, detached and semi-detached houses, village houses, and Murcia villas for sale.

Country Houses and Farmhouses

Country houses and farmhouses are an increasingly viable alternative for those in search of a rural place of residence at a distance from crowded tourist destinations. These country houses and farmhouses are known as cortijos or casas rural in Spanish. Similar sorts of houses include country mansions (masia) or farmhouses (finca).

Even though these Murcia houses for sale in the countryside can be cheaper than coastal ones, they’re not always as affordable as imagined. This is because the Spanish countryside is well-recognized among financially comfortable retirees from Spain as well as other parts of the world.

The country real estate in Murcia provides everything families, retirees, and people who like a slower pace of life are looking for from life overseas.

Detached and Semi-Detached Houses

These sorts of homes for sale in Murcia are called ‘casa adosada’ in Spanish and are becoming increasingly recognized. The “casa adosada” are mostly found in suburbs and more famous parts of the country. Many houses of this type consist of two floors, a private garden, and sometimes even a private swimming pool. Unsurprisingly, they tend to offer more space and privacy than apartments, though these advantages can come with a heftier price.

Village Houses

Between a country house and a semidetached house is the village house which is also called the ‘casa de pueblo’. These houses in Murcia for sale are mostly quite old and require additional work to bring to modern standards. However, many village houses come with a small private garden. The village houses for sale in Murcia enhance the chance to become part of village life and engage with the local community.


Last but not least there are villas that can be identified as the standard idea of a dream Spanish house also called a ‘vivienda unifamiliar’ or a ‘chalet’ in Spanish. The villas for sale in Murcia Spain are detached and mostly come appointed with all the modern conveniences and luxuries including air-con, swimming pools, garages, and some more.

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