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Murcia Province is located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula and is surrounded by Albacete Province from the north, Alicante Province from the east, and the provinces of Albacete, Granada, and Almeria from the west. The province that has a coastline of over 170 km is home to countless natural beauties.

The beautiful landscape of Murcia comprises of coves, small and long sandy beaches, rocky shores, craggy cliffs, rivers, valleys, the famous saltwater lagoon Mar Menor, and many other natural wonders. Many of the natural places of interest in Murcia have been declared protected natural areas because they are home to several endemic species.

One of the outstanding aspects of Murcia is La Manga. La Manga is a strip of land separating the Mar Menor saltwater lagoon from the Mediterranean Sea. Every year, thousands of people come to La Manga to swim in the shallow and calm waters of Mar Menor and to Costa Calida to do water sports in the Mediterranean Sea.

However, it’s not only the sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that attract people to Murcia. Murcia is also home to numerous historical structures and monuments like many castles, cathedrals, theatres, towers, and traditional houses.

In addition to history enthusiasts and beach lovers, Murcia draws the attention of people of all ages with its lively and colorful social life and cultural events. Murcia is the 7th biggest city in Spain in terms of population.

Since Murcia is one of the biggest cities in Spain, it’s naturally one of the most developed cities by all means. As a result, Murcia is widely preferred for settling, visiting, establishing a business, and for making real estate investments as well. This situation creates a huge demand for properties for sale in Murcia.

The properties in Murcia promise their investors a high return on investment rate thanks to its dense population and popularity as a tourist destination. This applies to all investors, whether they are individuals who aim to make a profit through buy-to-let properties or companies which want to expand their businesses by purchasing land or commercial real estate in Murcia Spain.

Lands are usually preferred by construction companies to develop residential or commercial real estate projects. It’s also preferred by individuals as buy-to-let properties because land investment is an investment method that is very slightly affected by the passage of time.

Although land for sale in Murcia Spain is a preferred property type, Murcia apartments for sale, and residential properties in general, are always the most popular property type. Here is why;

Why are Murcia Apartments for Sale so Popular?

Apartments for sale in Murcia are so popular and widely preferred by locals and foreigners because they make both excellent residences and investment tools. These are just some of the reasons that make apartments for sale in Murcia a preferable option;

• Practical Layouts: Flats for sale in Murcia make excellent residence options thanks to their practical layouts. You can find many types of apartments in Murcia with different layouts from small but efficient living areas to spacious multi-storey apartments. This diversity allows you to find the perfect residence for your needs.

• Budget-Friendly: Apartments are the budget-friendly and preferable option for people with relatively lower budgets. As there is a wide variety of options, it’s possible to find apartments that are cheaper than the houses in Murcia for sale. These budget-friendly options may be compact apartments in large city centers or spacious apartments on the outskirts of the cities.

• Advantageous Locations: Since apartments are the most abundant property type, it’s possible to find apartments anywhere in Murcia. If what you’re looking for is a residence that is within walking distance of all types of daily and social amenities, there are suitable centrally-located options.

If you’re seeking a more peaceful and comfortable life, you can find suitable apartments in tranquil neighborhoods with very little traffic on the outskirts of the cities. There are also suitable apartments to live a holiday-like everyday life in popular locations such as coastal areas and cultural hubs.

• Rich Social Amenities: Apartments in Murcia draw attention with their rich social amenities as well. For centrally located apartments, the amenities include a wider range of services and facilities. Medical centers, theatres, cinemas, malls, aquaparks, museums, cultural centers, and more options may be available depending on the neighborhood.

However, for apartments in the outskirts of the cities, these amenities are usually included in on-site facilities. These apartments residing in luxurious residential complexes are some of the best apartments to buy in Murcia Spain.

On-site facilities of these luxurious complexes generally feature indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, fitness centers, playgrounds, game rooms, spas, indoor and outdoor parking areas, barbeque areas, gazebos, cinema rooms, pool bars, sun lounges, etc.

• High Rental Income Potential: As we have tried to explain above, Murcia is a very popular city among both Spanish and people across the world. As a natural result, the demand for residences, and especially apartments, is quite high. This makes buying apartment in Murcia Spain a profitable investment method.

You can earn a high rental income from your apartment either through long-term rentals to families and the working population or through short-term rentals to holidaymakers.

• Low Maintenance and Time Saving: Buying an apartment in Murcia Spain and renting it out is a low maintenance and time-saving investment method. Most investment methods require more time to keep good track of your investment’s value. Their maintenance fees are generally lower than the costs of maintaining a business as well. This makes apartments a preferred investment option.

If you need more information on Murcia apartments for sale, don’t hesitate to contact us. The professional team of Spain Homes ® is ready to help you on your journey to find the best apartment for yourself.

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