Commercial Property for Sale in Murcia

Murcia is a region and its capital on the southeastern side of Spain. The Region of Murcia is located between the Valencian community on the north, Castilla-La Mancha on the northwest, and Andalucia on the southwest. As Spain itself is a major tourist destination, Murcia also is. The population of the region is around 1.5 million and the capital city of Murcia hosts around 460 thousand of this population.

The Region of Murcia and the city have lots of cultural tourist attractions thanks to the rich historical background. The city was founded by the Moors during the 11th century, but the region was inhabited starting from prehistoric times.

Murcia is also a popular place among sports lovers. There are various places in the city for water sports, go hiking, and golf resorts. Murcia is home to many worldwide famous golf resorts, including Las Colinas Golf & Country club, which is awarded Spain’s best golf course in 2017.

The stable economical status of the both region and city of Murcia makes it suitable for owning commercial property in Murcia. The economical structure of the city is mainly based on tourism and agriculture. The tourist resorts with high-end developments around the city and its amazing environment including extensive beaches and azure sea helped the city to become popular.

According to the latest data, Murcia is in third place among the cheapest regions of Spain for buying real estate. Starting from commercial real estate in Murcia to high-end residential properties, there is a wide variety of options in the region and city. With owning a property in Murcia, the buyer can move to the property, use it as an investment asset such as renting, or just wait for the prices to rise. The real estate prices in the city are continuously rising. That’s why today is the right time to invest in property for sale in Murcia.

Europe’s Orchard: Murcia

The business environment of the Region of Murcia is open, innovative, and competitive. The economy of Murcia ensures both business and real estate investors huge beneficial opportunities. As the Region of Murcia is among the major agricultural producers of fruits, vegetables, and flowers, it has a very active port that provides products to the world. The region has only %2,2 territory of Spain, but the region has %20 of total Spanish fruits and vegetable export. The Region of Murcia also attracted the two largest industrial investments ever made in Spain, which shows the economical development of both the city and region.

The vibrance in the economy of Murcia also provides activeness to the real estate market, as it is one of the most popular places among Spain cities for famous property types such as villas in Murcia for sale. The touristic resorts and districts of Murcia have many options for summer houses and detached houses.

In the city center, which is a more social and economically active place, the most preferred real estate types are flats. The city center of Murcia hosts many mass residential complexes that offer flats for sale in Murcia.

The city and region of Murcia have lots to offer real estate buyers who want to invest in or live in a prime location in Europe. Starting from the land in Murcia for sale to luxury properties and shops, Spain Homes ® provides the best service through real estate transactions in Spain.

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