Cecilia M.Cecilia M.

- Hi. We are the Mukherjees. We live in Switzerland and we came last year, first time fell in love with the area and started thinking of the possibility of buying something since it's not so far from where we live. And, we found many beautiful places to visit each time we come here as now, we've been here three times. Well, the second time we met the people from Spain homes and researching real estate agencies. This one really took us because the immediate response from Oscar and his team was really something that helped us.

- Helpful to my wife and how she was looking, and she was a bit lost because there were so many possibilities. And I think that you helped us very much to select the right places without having to go the extra mile. And we found a beautiful place.

- We found an amazing place.

- Thanks to you as well I think, which were very helpful.

- I think I'm a third party bystander and see it all fold out. And I must say that in general, the overall experience that they have was very optimistic and just people processed in general. So obviously I was very comforted by an amazing pool, an amazing living room, really could not ask for more. So, yeah, in general, I think they're very happy.

- Very thankful to the company and the service. I think Özkan has a great team. Chiara, who was our point of contact, always replying on the spot, whether it was a Saturday or Sunday. Sometimes I felt bad bothering her, but she was always there. So, thank you so much for Spain Homes. It's been a great, great experience. And what I love the most is that they didn't just sell the property and forget about us. After sales, they also there. And the good service continues. So, very appreciated.

- Thank you very much.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.