Tekce Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞ, a globally operating real estate company, is now in Dubai! With 20 offices in Turkey, Spain, North Cyprus, Sweden, and Dubai; Tekce Overseas is growing to become one of the most established real estate companies in the world. This success is a result of its loyalty to its core value of 100% happiness.

Tekce Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞ, a globally operating real estate company, is now in Dubai! As the most prestigious residential and investment center in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai offers low tax rates, job opportunities, and unique real estate projects. Considering the fact, this exciting development sheds light on the bright future of the company.

The office will feature an increase in the global recognition of Tekce Overseas. But this isn’t the only reason Tekce Overseas established its 20th office in Dubai.

Investor-Favoring Policies

The United Arab Emirates implements a series of policies that favor especially high-profile investors. The tax rates here are lower compared to many other countries of the world. With a visionary attitude, the Emirates offers policies like the long-term Golden Visa to encourage foreign investors.

Dubai offers a quick and 100% ROI (Return on Investment) rate. It aims to attract high-net-worth individuals and carry out a series of methods to keep them engaged.

Dubai successfully matches its cultural richness with contemporary requirements and welcomes anyone into its cosmopolitan structure in a heartbeat.

Becoming a Well-Established Real Estate Company in the Global Arena

Dubai has a beautiful outlook with interesting projects.With unique steps, Dubai has prime importance in the global development of the real estate sector. For years, Tekce Overseas has been operating with the same vision. The company seems to welcome more exciting news in the future.

Dubai has a beautiful outlook with interesting projects. On our web page, you can find the most unique properties for sale in Dubai, like apartments on high-end towers and underwater villas.

To ease the real estate purchase process, the Tekce Overseas team will guide you with a good command of the local culture and investment opportunities. The team will also carry out the legal procedures in a stress-free and simple manner.

For any further guidance on buying real estate in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, you can contact us anytime.