8 March is the day we are celebrating women, the true architects of our society. Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries to honor women and draw more attention to gender equality.

Women have always been the real structural force that empowered societies, civilizations, and ages. Every passing year, more countries and organizations are working hard to boost gender equality and women's rights.

Woman shows off strengthWomen’s rights developed increasingly from 8 March 1975, when is International Women’s Day celebrated first officially. The history of 8th March women’s day has written by powerful women.

Every person has to help to create a better environment for all genders. While women were suppressed in society back in time, they gained their rights with over-human efforts. Today, in all fields of life there are powerful women creating new horizons.

Every year, United Nations chooses a theme to create awareness of the different points in gender inequality and women’s rights. For the International Women's Day 2023 theme, the UN determined “DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality”.

While promoting gender equality and boosting women’s rights, technology has a big role. According to the announcement made by the UN, meeting women with technology more will create a better environment for women’s rights.

The international organizations creating awareness about women’s rights and working for gender equality in all fields. There are some countries trying to create more room for women in all fields of life. Spain is one of them showing great efforts. There is more news coming from the Spanish government on women’s rights.

In Women, Spain Trust: How Spanish Government Working For Women’s Rights?

woman smiling while holding spain flagThe Spanish government is trying to create better solutions for providing gender equality. Starting from increasing women’s presence in all parts of daily life, there are more works in preparation and some of the are approved.

According to the Gender Equality Index by EIGE (European Institute for Gender Equality), Spain ranks 6th in the European Union. In this index, Spain got 74.6 points out of 100. It is 6 points higher than the EU average.

This index also highlights that Spain is one of the best countries in the whole of Europe that provide the finest medical service to women. Also, Spain’s report shows that nearly in all fields, Spain has high scores.

In addition, Spain also becomes one of the best countries for women. According to the 2022 Global Gender Gap Report by World Economic Forum. Spain ranks 17 out of 146 countries. Also, the index describes that Spain has one of the most equal economies with more than %80 wealth equity.

In all these women’s rights improvements, the Spanish government has a big role. Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Spain’s Minister of Equality Irene Montero bringing new gender-equal rules to the country.

Spanish Politics and Economy Will Have Women Quota

man and woman sitting in a room smilingSpain’s PM Pedro Sanchez is planning to create a gender quota in the government. He is planning to give at least %40 of the cabinet roles to each gender. His government has already many women members. 14 out of 23 cabinet members of the current Spanish government are women.

Sanchez said that they created a draft gender equality law. It is expected to be approved after International Women’s Day. Sanchez also added: “If women represent half of the society, then half of the political power and half of the economic power must belong to women.”

Also, the law foresees that all political parties must have 50/50 candidates as women and men during elections. This law mainly aims on increasing gender equality in the parliament of Spain.

There are also new rules for professional associations. They also have at least %40 women on boards and juries for awards financed with public money.

Lastly, the law will require women to be in management companies. With this law, women will make up at least %40 of the management of companies with annual 50 million euros of turnover and more than 250 workers.

In addition to these, in February 2023, Spain has been passed paid menstrual leave. With this Spain became the first country in Europe with a similar law. The law allows three to five days of paid menstrual leave.

These are some examples that how the Spanish government is working hard. They are to make Spain the best place for women to live. Gender equality policies in Spain are making the country home for women all over the world.

Why Spain is Among the Best Places for a Woman to Live in Europe?

woman in red dress holding fan and camera watching streetSpain is best for women because of the government and organizations that help gender equality in Spain. According to the latest statistics more than 2.8 million foreign women are living in Spain. These statistics show how gender equality in Spain attracts foreign women.

Women’s rights in Spain today protect all women within the country. With this, more expat women are choosing Spain to live in. The number of foreign women living in Spain is expected to increase after the Digital Nomad Visa.

Researches show that women are looking more to buy property in Spain than men. The women buyer rate in the Spanish real estate market is expected to be about %52. This rate is believed also same in the foreign buyers.

The New Trend is Real Estate in Spain to Enjoy the Best Place to Live for Women's Rights

While the number of foreigners is increasing in Spain, they are getting a second home in this beautiful country. After traveling to have a holiday in Spain, then they get adorned by the social and cultural structure of the country.

In addition to living in one of the most magnificent places on earth, Spain offers equal living. The new laws and organizations create a better environment for women. The numerous foreigners choosing this country to have a new equal and lawful life.

As Spain Homes, we are wishing a happy International Women’s Day to each powerful woman creating a better life for our society.