Spain is an attractive country for visitors, investors, and international retirees. The nature, history, and cuisine of Spain attract people from all over the world. Its mild climate, beautiful beaches, and high living standards also attract visitors.

European Travel Commission published the “Monitoring Sentiment For Domestic And Intra-European Travel” article in April 2022. The article focuses on the travel intentions of Europeans for their holidays. Spain ranks first among ten countries in the “preferred countries for Europeans’ next international trip” section of the survey.

Why Spain Is The Best Country In Europe?

spain,mapBecause Spain attracts millions of visitors every year with its warm climate, scenic beauties, historical architecture, divergent cuisine, advanced tourism facilities, convenient investment climate, etc. These characteristics of the country make Spain the best country for tourist trips. It makes also one of the best investment areas in Europe.

While most visitors choose Spain for their vacation, some visit Spain for education, healthcare, international retirement, and investment. Related pages; Why Spain?

Are you wondering why Spain steps forth among other tourist destinations? Many factors are making Spain the best destination for sun and beach holidays, especially for Europeans. Here are the most prominent reasons.

Climate and Beaches

Being a Mediterranean country, Spain is a gate to the warm climate and sunny beaches for Europeans. The country welcomes millions of tourists from other countries every year, which is between July and October. It is considered the best time to visit Spain.

Spain is the country with the bluest flag beaches in the world. The World-famous Costa del Sol is the best sun and sand tourism destination. Malaga, Marbella, Mijas, Nerja, Benalmadena, and resort town Torremolinos are some of the famous places in Spain for summer holidays. These holiday resorts have some of the best beaches in Spain.

Historical Sites

City tourism also plays an important role in the tourism volume of the country as well as sun and sand tourism. Many cities attract visitors with their historical heritage and architecture.

Cultural events and sports activities are also determinants for visitors when choosing among destinations. Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, and Granada are some of the best cities to visit in Spain year-round. Many historical sites in these cities make them among the best places to visit in Spain.


spain,mapAs Spain is in Europe, it is the easiest country to travel to for European tourists. Its location makes a trip to Spain from other European countries very easy and cheap. Travel time and cost are two important factors when people are planning their holidays. Besides, Europeans do not need visas when traveling to Spain since it is an EU country.

Value for Money

Spain is known as a value-for-money destination for holidays among Europeans. When compared to western countries, the cost of spending a week in Spain is much more affordable. Still, this does not mean it is the cheapest location in Europe.

However, Spain offers quality tourism services at affordable prices. Visitors get good value for money when spending their holidays in Spain.

Alternatives of Destinations

Spain has 17 autonomous communities. Each autonomous region has different traditions, customs, cultures, and cuisine. This gives the visitors a variety of options of destinations in the country that they can discover. Everyone can find something matching their dream holiday expectations in Spain.

Buying Holiday Homes in Spain

Tourism volume in Spain affects the property market positively. The high demand for rental apartments boosts property value and real estate sales in the country.

Many Europeans buy holiday homes in Spain. They take the advantage of renting out their properties when they don’t need them. It is a dream for many Europeans to have holiday homes in the most beautiful places in Spain.

Real estate investors are keeping a close eye on the Spanish real estate market as the high demand for properties has led to a vibrant market. Buy-to-let property investments bring high profits thanks to good rental prices during the high tourism season.