Spain is great for expats mainly for its dynamic lifestyle on the very well-developed and stable structure. In addition to its beaches with white sands and holiday resorts, daily life is also exciting to live permanently. In our blog, we described what is it really like to live in Spain.

Historical places like churches and palaces and great leisureHistorical places like churches and palaces and great leisure activities like extensive beaches with golden sands and incredible water sports are for everyone. But, there are more for those who want to move to Spain, for longer periods of time.

Expat communities in Spain are very active. The Spanish people are easygoing with foreigners. So, foreigners are choosing to live in this country more. The decision of expats to live is more likely in central places like Madrid and Barcelona, but other touristic areas such as the Canary Islands also have foreigners living permanently.

As Spain is one of the most famous countries in the world, everybody knows little about it. So, we are going to describe Spain deeper, to reveal the real potential of the country, in case you are willing to include Spain in your future years.

What Should Expats Expect About Living in Spain?

Living in Spain for expat starts with an easy settling process. Spain is one of the easy-to-adapt countries. So, when a foreigner comes to Spain, it takes a really short amount of time to get well with the environment. That’s why we listed some early things to expect from Spain.

1. Adorable Local Friendliness

adorable local friendlinessForeigners form 6% of the total population of Spain. Clearly, there is a reason behind this high foreign population. Spain has welcoming locals. The local population of Spain is not conservative against foreigners, and if a foreigner tries to involve in their culture, they will return it more.

2. Diversity in Culture

The country of Spain consists of parts from different cultural roots. When you go to southern Spain, you will face more Mediterranean culture, and if you go to the northern parts, you can expect more European culture. So, every foreigner can find their ideal place in this country of diversity.

3. Well-Developed Housing

When traveling to another country, housing is coming one of the first steps to consider. Thanks to the vibrant real estate market of the country, especially in the southern parts, there are amazing opportunities in Spain.

For short visits, Spain has more than enough capability of temporary housing, and for permanent housing, it offers profitable options, instead of owning a place only for living. It means that Spain is one of the very first choices to invest in overseas real estate.

Also, owning a house in Spain gives easy access to a residence permit. So, the advantages of buying a property in Spain increasing for an expat.

4. Reasonable Costs of Living

reasonable costs of livingIt is a known fact that Spain has one of the lowest costs of living in among European countries. Although it has expensive areas, like the tourist resort Ibiza and the center of attention Madrid, it has low costs in nearly all parts of daily life, in various regions.

5. Amazing Leisure Options

According to the Expat Insider 2022 project by InterNations, Spain is one of the best countries for expats, and the country’s most highlighted feature is extensive leisure options. Starting from swimming in the La Concha in San Sebastian, which is the best beach in Spain, to exploring the cultural chest of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, there are numerous things to do in Spain.

6. A Place for Everyone

Spain is a country that meets the expectations of all age groups. Whether you are a young who want a new page in your life or a retiree that looking for a tranquil place, Spain has all the required features.

7. Financial Opportunities

Spain has a highly active business life that can be suitable for both digital nomads and traditional workers. So, career options are another good benefit of personal finance in this country.

Many foreigners choose to work in Spain. The reason behind this is the country has excellent job security laws. Also, work-life balance is provided by the healthcare system working accordingly with business life.

What’s It Really Like to Live in Spain?

Living in Spain for foreigners feels like living abroad but feeling at your home, living an ordinary daily life, but like on a holiday. So, various experiences in daily life make it the best country to live as an expat in Spain.

While searching for the best place to stay in Spain, you will see so many options. While Barcelona and Madrid have some of the best neighborhoods in Spain, the cost of living conditions can lead to different areas such as Malaga, Valencia, and Alicante. These cities have exactly the same things that Barcelona and Madrid offer, but they are way cheaper than them.

If you are not a citizen of a European Union or US country, you have to be a holder of a residence permit to stay in Spain. While there are several ways, you may look at our Residency in Spain page for more information.

As Spain Homes ®, we offer the best real estate investment solutions in Spain, with our experienced and professional team. If you are willing to start a new life in this beautiful country, you may contact us now!