Tekce Overseas was the center of attention this year as well at the Buying Property Abroad Exhibition in Sweden where we met with potential buyers from all over the world. Our property experts have been actively participating in the fair for the last 3 years, and the interest was still very high.

So What Did We Do at the Fair in Sweden?

fair swedenWe were ready on 17 September in Malmö, where the first step of the fair took place. Our next route was Gothenburg, and we took the final destination to Stockholm on 16 October. We met with international buyers and investors who want to learn all the details of the property-buying process in Spain, Turkey, and North Cyprus in the 3 parts of the fair.

A lot of questions about the legal transactions were asked of our experts, and we talked about the entire process without leaving any question marks in investors’ minds. We also informed about the advantages of getting Spanish Citizenship through real estate investment, the Golden Visa program in Spain, and many more.

Our experts presented the best property and campaign selections promising profitable investment opportunities in Spain, Turkey, and North Cyprus. We also made online viewing tours of the properties with those who were interested. We have been honored by the satisfied faces of the investors. They gave feedback that they wanted to talk about our future projects and portfolios.

We thank all the participants who visited us at the fair. We are trying to reach you to find your dream home. We make sure that we do our job perfectly with the valuable feedback you give.

If you could not attend this fair, you can look at our blogs and Buying in Spain to learn the process.

You can also call us to get more information about the process and the hot offers in the market.