After 4 years, a direct flight connection between Malaga and New York airports has been established. United Airlines will have 3 flights per week between Malaga and New York until 28 September.

For a long time, Malaga was working hard to promote air activities between international destinations. As a result, Malaga has now a direct flight route to Newark Airport in New York. United Airlines will carry more than 17.000 passengers on both sides of the route until the end of September.Direct Flights Between Malaga and New York

Also, United Airlines is aiming to extend the flight period all year round. It is the fifth direct flight route between Spain and USA. As Malaga is an important tourist destination, the demand will be high according to the experts.

United Airlines Head of Sales in Spain, Antonio de Toro said that there will be high demand on this interesting route in his interview with Sur in English. Also, as a company, they want to extend this route beyond summer.

Why are Direct Flights Between Malaga and New York Important?

The direct flights between Malaga and New York are important because these will have a direct contribution to the economy of Malaga. It will clearly boost the city’s tourism. Also, Malaga will be a more famous destination for all kinds of travel.

There is a huge demand from US citizens not only in Malaga but also in the whole of Andalucia. The accommodations booked by Americans formed %30 of the total booked number in Andalucia.

So, it is highly expected that the Malaga - New York route to become all year round route in the following years. Before United Airlines’ new route, the last one was by Delta Airlines in 2019. The new direct route was highly awaited by the travelers.

What are They Looking for in the Destination?

Malaga is one of the unique cities on the southern coastline of Spain. It is worth not only taking a short holiday but also for permanent living. The high demand for the city in both the short and long-term shows that Malaga will be more popular in the following years.

Many foreigners buy properties in this city to make Malaga their home. The vibrant lifestyle, low cost of living, and advantageous real estate opportunities make it one of the best places not only in Spain but also in Europe.

The new opportunities such as Google’s new technology center in Malaga and other projects boost the popularity of the city. In addition, Malaga is becoming a highly demanded city among digital nomads and other travelers.

In conclusion, Malaga is becoming the new star of southern Spain. It is expected to be advantageous to choose to live in this city for those who are looking for a new start in another country by buying a new house.