As Spain Homes ® we have collaborated with Currencies Direct to provide safe and easy overseas money transfers on property purchases with the best exchange rates without transfer commission. You can use this service when you want to transfer your money into another currency.

Currencies Direct is an FCA-approved Electronic Money Institution (EMI) operating on international money transfers. Our partner has been granted a level 1 rating for funds’ safety by Duns & Bradstreet.
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The main issue that a property buyer can encounter during the real estate purchasing period is the money transfer from abroad. This can take a couple of days, in some cases even longer. Waiting for the money transfer for the title deed conveyance can cost you a huge amount of time. The waiting period will also cost you a remarkable amount of travel expenses.

As a professional real estate company operating in 4 countries, we always keep up with the latest innovations and look for the safest solutions. In this way, we aim to shorten and simplify the purchasing process by a lot with trusted partnerships.

Thanks to our partnership, our customers can benefit from the best exchange rates and simple money transfer procedures to Spain. The customers of Spain Homes ® always skip the hustle and bustle of complicated steps and long waiting periods.

Our customers are able to save up a lot of time and a remarkable amount of their funds. They are able to easily transfer money from abroad with no commission at any time of the day and anywhere in the world. The system provides not only easy transactions but also safeguards the assets of our customers.

While transferring their money from or to Spain, our customers can get one-on-one information services on the phone from currency experts. Our customers get acquainted with the status of their business process in English, French, and Russian.

Also, our customers can manage their transactions in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Chinese, and Korean.

What are the Benefits of Our Partnership?

Our partnership provides various benefits to our customers during the property purchasing process. Here are the advantages of the simple international money transfer;


How Does It Work?

We aim to simplify complicated and everlasting money transactions. Hundreds of customers of Spain Homes ® transferred the property’s sales amount safely within a few easy steps. There are 4 easy steps for moving money while buying your new home with Spain Homes ®:

1. Register the system and activate your account

To complete transactions, you need to create an account that should contain your information and account details. You can create a personal, business, and online seller account.

The system will require your personal information such as your name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, and password. These are the standard procedures to identify you and safeguard your bank transfer.

2. Start the transactions by agreeing on your currency amount and exchange rate

Have you activated your account? Then you are good to go. At this point, you will follow the instructions and set up the transaction. Take a look at your preferences carefully and agree on your currency amount and foreign exchange rate.

3. Complete the payment

After going over the payment details, you have to authorize the system to complete the money transfer. Your payment will be delivered to the receiver in the blinking of an eye.

4. You are good to go, your money is successfully transferred!

Congratulations! You have completed all transactions safely with a few easy steps.

Your payment will be delivered to the receiver on the same day. Now you are ready to enjoy getting the title deed in a short time. It is time to get on with your dream life in Spain!

For more detailed information contact our property experts who have nearly 20 years of experience in real estate sales. The professional team of Spain Homes ® is ready to guide you on this exciting journey!
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