Both under-construction and ready-to-move properties have their own advantages and disadvantages. To choose one of them, you should first think about your purpose and need. We prepared this blog to give detailed information on both property types.

Which Property Investment is Best Under Construction or Ready Possession?

Which is the Better, Under Construction or Ready Property?The answer is hiding in your need and purpose. If you are willing to buy property for investment, the under-construction ones will likely be more advantageous. If you are willing to buy a property and live in it, the ready-to-move properties are for you.

If you are asking what is ready to move property, it is a property that is ready to use. Under construction meaning that the property is not currently in the construction phase.

There are various advantages and disadvantages to both property types. But, there is no quick answer for this comparison. So, it will be more beneficial to think about these properties based on your purpose. If you are willing to buy under construction property in Spain, you may take a look at developing areas.

For example, move in ready apartments for sale in Spain are preferred more by locals and expat workers in the country. The under-construction properties are preferred by those who don’t need an immediate residency place.

Under Construction Property - Advantages and Disadvantages for Investors

Under-construction properties are preferred by investors who regularly doing investments. There are some reasons why investors choose this type of property, instead of ready-to-move ones. The benefits of buying under-construction property for investment can be listed as;

  • More reasonable prices suitable for investment
  • Easier payment plans
  • Big value increase potential till completion
  • Working with developers to get advantageous offers
  • Huge profit potential in newly developing areas

Advantages of Under Construction and Ready to Move PropertyInvestors generally divide their investments into profit periods. Under-construction properties are generally considered short-term investments. But, they may be turned into longer investments by rent. Also, the ready commercial property in Spain will be more demanded in the country, as it will immediately start to make a profit.

While buying an under-construction property, there are also disadvantages and pitfalls. While more of them occur when not working with a professional real estate agency, they can lead to big losses. Investors should choose their construction company or real estate agency carefully. Disadvantages of buying under-construction property are:

  • The construction can be delayed or not finished at all
  • The offered features of real estate can be not fulfilled if the contract is not well prepared
  • In new residential areas, the prices can be very volatile
  • The sample and finished property can be not the same

So, most problems faced by investors while investing in under-construction real estate are insecure agreements. As in every country, while investing in under-construction real estate, it is advised to work with reliable construction companies.

When investing in real estate abroad, the investment area sometimes can be unknown. To get real and enough information, working with professional real estate agencies will decrease the bad situation potential. Both ready to move or under construction, properties can be advantageous in some situations.

Under Construction Property - Advantages and Disadvantages for Buying and Living in

While buying a house that you will live in, you may want to have more options. Under-construction properties offer wider options, in addition to the ability to design them before the finish of construction. Also, you will have more budget as these properties will have lower prices.

The advantages of under-construction property for buyers who want to live in the property can be listed as;

  • The prices will be more affordable than the ready-to-move properties
  • More options to choose from
  • Ability to design the purchased property in construction
  • Option to choose the floor, facade, and features
  • Lower utility bills with modern technology
  • Easy payment plan

The under-construction properties will be more advantageous if you have an existing residency and can wait while the construction is completed. It is a beneficial and economical decision. But, there are also disadvantages for those who want to live in the purchased property. These are;

  • Expenses for under-construction property can exceed budget
  • Taxes for new construction properties may be higher
  • The completion date may be delayed
  • The sample and finished property can be not the same
  • The offered features of real estate can be not fulfilled if the contract is not well prepared

Popular property types may vary according to the location, even according to the country. In Spain, both of them are reliable thanks to the stable construction market. Both under-construction property investment in Spain and ready-to-move properties are preferred by both locals and foreigners.

Ready to Move Property - Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Under Construction and Ready to Move PropertyReady-to-move properties are preferred by those who are looking for instant investment and by those who looking for a place to live. Turnkey properties in Spain are highly demanded by foreigners. Foreigners want to get the instant benefits of ready properties.

The advantages of ready-to-move properties are;

  • The property can be instantly rented
  • Being able to live immediately
  • You will get what you see
  • No risks such as delayed construction
  • You will already have amenities around the property

The ready-to-move properties can be seen as more advantageous at the beginning. But, there are also some disadvantages of this property type. They may need renovation if they had an owner before. Also, the taxes for property can be higher if the technology used in the property is old.

In both situations, it is advised to work with a professional and reliable real estate company. The company will ensure your wealth’s safety with legal procedures. As Spain Homes ®, we offer the best services for real estate. Our professional team will secure your all rights through the process of buying a property in Spain.