Zak M. & Jiang X. | IRELAND

Zak M. & Jiang X.Zak M. & Jiang X.

We would like to thank Spain Homes, but more specifically Ignacio for the assistance with our purchase. We have been thinking about purchasing our first property in Spain and found Spain homes online. We have decided to take a leap of faith and started communication and research with Ignacio from abroad. Once we have arrived to Spain to review the selected properties, the connection and trust became almost instant. Ignacio is really good agent and tries to understand and feel the need of the clients. I cannot list every extra mile step done for us and every advise and suggestion given, but I could see and feel that our interest became his task. We have been working with busy schedule while trying to juggle numerous challenges at the same time (bank accounts, notary, lawyer, property reviews + us also trying to have some holidays) and while it was busy week we are now owners of best property available at the time and price. I would like to thank Spain Homes, but mainly to Ignacio for the level of service and focus. If we will be considering any other purchase in the future we will do that with Spain homes again. I am strongly recommending this agency if you are buying your dream house in Spain (Malaga)

Testimonial of Zak M. & Jiang X.