Emilia Hun.Emilia Hun.

Dear Özkan,

I would like to thank you and your charming colleagues Szandra, Catherine and Aysun, for the excellent service provided within a few months of our cooperation.

At the beginning it was Catherine, who had prepared for me very good initial overview and was updating me during the Coronavirus hard times.

At later stage I was in contact mainly with Szandra. During my 3 days visit in Benalmadena, Szandra had prepared a great presentation of the available properties, based on my wish list. Thank you, Özkan, also for your valuable input when you joined us for that presentation.

Then she organized for me a tailor-made trip in order to see personally all discussed potential options. I really appreciate, how efficient and professional it was. Szandra´s dedicated, patient, friendly and honest approach helped me a lot to make the final decision. During this short visit she even managed to introduce me to the cooperating local lawyer, so that we could sign a power of attorney at the state notary, in order to make the property purchase process more comfortable for me. Even after my visit to Spain, while waiting for the completion of the necessary contractual formalities, Szandra was updating me on the ongoing property construction.

My experience makes me feel that you and your team really care about building long-term relationships with customers.

Thank you very much again for all your efforts, which have exceeded my expectations.

Emilia H.,