Tekce Overseas SA has expanded its 20 years of experience into the field of international consulting in legal immigration matters by launching Tekce Visa. Tekce Visa’s professional legal team will manage all legal processes related to immigrants' citizenship and residency permit applications. They guarantee to complete the transactions on time and by the law.

Founded by Bayram Tekçe, the Chairman of Tekce Overseas, and Özkan Tekçe, the Operation Director of Tekce Overseas, Tekce Visa first started to provide legal consultancy services for international buyers who want to apply for a Golden Visa or to get citizenship, work permit, and residency in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and Northern Cyprus.

The logo of Tekce VisaHowever, it is planned to be expanded in the future to new countries with residency and citizenship programs, such as Vanuatu, Dominica, Malta, and Thailand.

Giving a power of attorney to the legal team of Tekce Visa, applicants may benefit from professional investment consultancy for residence and citizenship, inheritance law, the law of obligations, and the establishment of companies in these countries.

What Advantages Does Tekce Visa Provide?

Since its founding in 2004, Tekce Overseas has delivered title deeds to tens of thousands of customers from 84 different countries, making it the leading company. The company's nearly 20 years of experience in obtaining citizenship and residence permits through real estate purchases are the key factors behind the success and professionalism of Tekce Visa.

So, Tekce Visa's biggest benefit is that it eliminates all problems that can arise throughout the process. As legal procedures differ depending on the country, Tekce Visa works with local lawyers, who are fully knowledgeable about the country's law.

Speaking your language is yet another important benefit that Tekce Visa offers. Tekce Visa is currently accessible in English. But it is planned to reach more than 20 languages, including Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Swedish, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, and Ukrainian.

You can engage in legal proceedings in this system without having to go to the relevant nation. With a power of attorney, the legal team at Tekce Visa keeps track of the cases on your behalf.