As expected of one of the biggest cities in Spain, Malaga offers something for everyone of all ages. There are a lot of places to explore, countless cultural, social, and sports events to participate in, and a rich cuisine to try out in this beautiful Andalusian destination.

Málaga is a good place to live with its magnificent beaches, stunning sea, mesmerizing nature, rich history, developed structure, and colorful lifestyle. Every year, millions of people come to Málaga to explore its beauty and have a pleasant vacation. Some of them even decide to settle in because there is a lot to discover. Here are some of them;

What Are the Must-Do Things in Malaga?

Enjoying its magnificent beaches and sea, exploring its historical landmarks, participating in festivals, and trying out the delicious local cuisine are the must-do things in Malaga. Málaga offers a lot more than we can possibly explain here, however, we’ll do our best to provide a brief and sufficient guide to explore Málaga.

Enjoy the Sandy Beaches and Water Sports

Sandy beach of malagaLocated on Costa del Sol “Sun Coast”, Málaga is home to some of the most amazing beaches in Spain. Puerto Banús, Bil-Bil Beach, La Malagueta Beach, La Rada Beach, Playa Peñón del Cuervo, and El Castillo Beach are only some of these marvelous beaches. You can lay on these fine sandy beaches to sunbathe and relax whilst gazing upon the stunning turquoise sea.

If you prefer a more tranquil time on the beach, then La Rada Beach and Playa Peñón del Cuervo beaches are some of the best options for you. Since these relatively secluded beaches have fewer amenities around, it’s best to go prepared. If you are looking for a livelier beach holiday, then you should check out Puerto Banús and Nikki Beach in the famous Marbella, Málaga.

If you are a watersports lover, you can find many opportunities to do watersports. For adrenaline seekers, surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, flyboarding, and waterskiing are some of the most exciting watersports that can be enjoyed in Malaga.

There are also more laid-back watersports activities to do in Málaga such as parasailing, paddle surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. On the other hand, dolphin-watching boat tours around Benalmadena, Málaga is an activity that everyone of all ages can enjoy. As a result, Málaga is one of the most popular places to visit in the whole world.

Málaga’s popularity as a holiday destination is one of the reasons why you should buy property in Malaga, Spain. You can have a pleasant vacation and make a profitable investment at the same time by buying property in Málaga.

Explore Its Historical Landmarks and Significant Places

beautiful view of malaga from historic placesMálaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has many historical places to explore. The city was founded approximately 2,800 years ago by the Phoenicians. Today, it’s possible to see the influence of the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, and Christians in the architectural texture of the city. The historic center of the city itself is like an “open-air museum”.

La Alcazaba, Roman Theatre, Málaga Cathedral, Gibralfaro Castle, Basílica Nuestra Señora de la Victoria, and the Church of Santiago are only some of the historical landmarks in Málaga. La Alcazaba is a Moorish fortress built in the 9th century and is one of the top attractions in Málaga. You can also taste Moorish food in Spain in the restaurants nearby while visiting this intriguing fortress.

La Alcazaba is located right in the historical center of Málaga. After taking a tour in and around La Alcazaba, you can go and visit other historical landmarks nearby. Gibralfaro Castle, Málaga Cathedral, and Roman Amphitheatre are within walking distance from La Alcazaba.

Apart from its historical structures, Málaga has many more must-see places. Museums like Picasso’s Málaga, Museo del Vidrio, Museo Carmen Thyssen, and Automobile and Fashion Museum are some of them. Some of these museums are also very close to La Alzacaba.

Soho, also known as the Art District, is a must-see place for art lovers. Soho not only draws attention because it hosts the Contemporary Art Center of Málaga but also because it’s decorated by murals of internationally known graffiti artists.

Parque de Málaga, La Concepción Botanical Garden, El Torcal de Antequera, Nerja Caves, and Plaza de la Merced are some of the other places you must drop by when you’re in Málaga. You can also check out this Malaga travel guide to get more information from a different perspective.

Participate in Cultural, Social, and Sports Activities

a festival car in malaga festivalMálaga is not only adored for its historical and natural beauty but also for its colorful lifestyle as well. As one of the most populous cities in Spain, it’s no wonder it hosts many cultural, social, and sports activities. This colorful lifestyle is also one of the reasons that make Málaga one of the most popular holiday destinations.

The festivals of Feria de Agosto and the Fiestas de Carnaval are some of the events that you should not miss. During these festivals, the streets are decorated with the traditional symbols of Spanish culture and people dress up in all types of costumes. You can also get to know more about Spain's food culture and witness live flamenco shows during these traditional festivals.

Another activity that you must engage in is golf. Málaga is home to some of the best golf courses in Spain. Every year, thousands of people come to Málaga to play golf and participate in famous golf tournaments.

Hiking the Caminito del Rey trail is one of the top activities to do in Málaga for adrenaline lovers. The 7.7 km long Caminito del Rey trail is a series of ridge trails and bridges along the Guadalhorce Valley in Málaga. If you want to participate in this popular activity, make sure to book beforehand.

Due to the nature of the activity, only a limited number of people can participate in the hike at the same time. The chances of not being able to participate in this popular activity are very high if not booked beforehand.

When added concerts, theatres, cinemas, exhibitions, and other sports competitions and activities, you can be sure you’ll have no time to get bored in Málaga.

Try Out the Delicious Traditional Foods in Spain

different recipes of spain foodSpanish cuisine is one of the most well-known and wondered cuisines in the whole world. For this reason, there are many restaurants serving Spain foods around the world. If you are too eager to taste traditional foods in Spain, you can try to make them at home with the recipes from Mutfaktan Sofraya. But, if you want to taste foods in their place of origin, Málaga is a great choice to try out the most popular foods in Spain.

Although the cost of food in Malaga Spain might be a little more expensive than in less populated cities, it’s totally worth it! Málaga has some really fancy restaurants serving the national foods of Spain, chic cafes serving desserts and breakfast foods in Spain, bars with a fine wine selection, and chiringuitos (beach bars) serving refreshments and tapas (traditional appetizers).

If you ask what food is famous in Spain or what you should try out first, then the answer would definitely be “paella”. Paella is known as Spanish rice. Though the ingredients may vary depending on the region, it’s cooked all around Spain. Málaga is famous for its seafood paella.

Another food you must try out here is “porra antequerana”. This cold soup is one of Malaga’s traditional foods. “Espeto”, grilled skewered sardines, is also one of the symbolic foods of Málaga. It’s generally sold at chiringuitos. Also, you should definitely try out “ensalada malagueña”, Malaga salad, when you’re here.

If you want to taste Malaga’s street food, then “churro” is some of the best options out there. The worldwide-known street food churro is fried dough served with chocolate or other sweet dipping sauces. Churros are preferred by locals anytime during the day; as a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just as a snack!

If you’re worried about how to explore all these beautiful and attractive places just in a few days' trips, you’re quite right. Exploring Málaga thoroughly without hurrying is gonna take more than just a few days. We advise you to get a holiday house in Malaga, which is one of the best places to live in Spain.

This way, you can explore Málaga without hurrying at your own pace during your holidays. On top of that, you can earn a great profit by renting your house short-term to tourists when you’re not using it.