Spain has been attracting great attention for its crystal clear blue flag beaches, climate conditions, holiday-like lifestyle throughout the year, lively ambiance, and historical ambiance.

This magnificent country has been the homeland of many civilizations for centuries. The main reasons for that intense interest in the Spanish lands are the fertility of the country's lands, natural beauty, and favorable climate.

Today, it continues to preserve its multicultural demographic structure. The main factor that creates this diversity is the travelers visiting and moving to Spain from all over the world.

Why Do People Choose to Visit Spain for Holidays?

There are a few significant factors that make Spain a favored attraction spot in Europe. Mainly because of the lifestyle quality, healthy and cozy environment, and rich culture. Let’s discuss the essentials of why Spain is so popular among foreigners.

1. Blue flag beaches along the Mediterranean coast

Spain, Seaside, Sea, BeachSpain is home to more than 3,000 beaches on its coastline stretching for approximately 7,268 km. According to the research conducted by FEE, Spain ranks 1st in the world with 614 blue flag beaches.

The turquoise sea of Spain contains all shades of blue and green altogether. This is the reason why Spain ranks first among the most preferred countries for sun, sea, and sand-themed holidays.

Even in the first 3 months of 2022, the number of tourists visiting the country reached 9.7 million. The major factor that increases the tourism potential of the country, even in the winter season, is the favorable climatic conditions.

The warm climate offers the opportunity to enjoy the summer taste in your mouth on the beach throughout the year. Thanks to the country’s lovely climatic conditions with more than 300 sunny days a year, it is possible to have a lovely holiday even during the winter season.

For this reason, the country's tourism sector is active not only in the summer season but also throughout the year. The environment and climate also create perfect conditions for buying a holiday home in Spain.

2. Dazzling natural beauties

Spain is a mild oceanic country that is home to countless natural beauties. The natural environment and habitat in Spain are carefully protected and secured by natural parks. This natural setting attracts the attention of nature lovers visiting the country from all over the world.

Because of the mountainous structure of the ground, many settlements in the inland parts of Spain are nestled in the foothills of the mountains. However, the natural selection surrounding the mountains is also protected within the scope of nature parks.

Thus, these active living centers are designed with sustainable features for not to disturb or disrupt the original structure of natural settings. This way, the natural environment, and the residential areas bond in an organic relationship in Spain.

3. Carefully preserved historical texture

The historical past of Spain traces back to ancient civilizations. Spain has been the homeland of many civilizations from Phoenicians to Romans, from Visigoths to Andalusian Umayyads.

Today, the Spaniards carefully preserve the historical landmarks inherited from the greatest civilizations. This multicultural structure of Spain has also been the biggest inspiration for the most famous painters of history who grew up on this periphery: Velazques, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Francisco Goya.

It is possible to come across the remains of ancient civilizations in every corner of the country. Most people choose to visit the country because of its charming artsy atmosphere. Due to the high demand, cultural tourism covers 52.8% of tourism revenues in Spain.

In addition, Spain follows the contemporary art market up close. The country hosts prestigious contemporary museums that display extensive and quality artworks in the modern art sector.

For example, Bilbao is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain for an art & culture concept trip.

4. Countless activities for everyone and a leading Golf center

There are about 400 golf courses on the territory of Spain. Golf is one of the most important practices in the social activity culture of Spain. Especially Costa del Sol is one of the best holiday destinations in Spain for a golf-concept vacation.

Golf tourism constitutes the majority of the country's social activities. Prestigious golf clubs of Spain host international tournaments every year. These golf resorts offer many social facilities and services to provide the highest quality service during your stay.

Buying a holiday home in Spain near or in a golf resort is also an option. You can have your own house with a view of the golf field, sometimes even within the golf course.

Apart from the golf activities, Spain is also a great choice in terms of entertainment. The Spaniards are known for their relaxed and joyful personalities as well as their hospitality. For this reason, the social life is pretty colorful in Spain.

The country's climatic conditions allow you to attend outdoor activities throughout the year. It is possible to participate in a wide variety of festivals and activities each season.

You can participate in physical activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, country walks, sports competitions, etc. There are also more sophisticated activities that you can attend. Well-preserved habitat allows you to attend bird-watching events. Spain hosts numerous festivals and concerts throughout the year.

Spain, White-Houses, Sky5. Rich cultural diversity

The demographic structure of Spain has become quite diverse and colorful. Different cultures are always welcomed in Spain. You can meet people from all over the world and discover their lifestyles, and characteristics.

You will witness that the borders of traditional Spanish culture are invisible. Since Spain is a famous port country, the country always interacted with diverse cultures from African to European.

The trails of this interaction can be seen especially in Spanish cuisine which carries inspiration from all over the world. Every year, thousands of tourists choose to travel to Spain to discover the authentic local culture of the country.

6. A Mediterranean comfort

Spaniards have a very relaxed and pleasant lifestyle. Especially in the coastal parts of Spain, life is more colorful. This is why the seaside resorts are known as the best holiday cities in Spain.

You can spend joyful days away from stress in Spain. You may not even realize how time flies. You may lose the track of your time on the shores of the Mediterranean sea surrounded by nature.

Why limit your experience of a laidback holiday-like lifestyle to just a few days? Many foreigners visiting Spain often choose to settle in this country because of its relaxed and pleasant ambiance.

7. Quality life at affordable prices

Living in Spain is relatively affordable compared to other countries with the same quality of life. It is possible to live a comfortable and high-quality life on a budget compared to other cities in Europe.

Spain is one of the countries in Europe with a high quality of life but affordable living expenses. That is why the country is heavily flooded with visitors and property buyers.

Living expenses in Spain are 21.2% cheaper than in the UK. There is also a huge difference between the taxes applied by the countries to their citizens and foreigners. When the monthly rental prices between the two countries are compared, a price gap shows a 33.19% difference.

What are some of the main tourist attractions in Spain?

Other than the Balearic Islands, the coasts of Spain are the best beach holiday destinations in Spain. Travelers can find the best combination of the sun - sand - sea trio in seaside resorts of Spain. Valencia, Alicante, and Málaga are the most visited places in the country.

It is possible to observe the cultural diversity brought together by different civilizations all over the country. The attention of tourists visiting Spain is often directed to the seaside settlements. The coastal cities are known as the best family holiday destinations in Spain.

The eastern coastline of the country stretching from Costa Blanca and extending to the Costa de la Luz, stand out as the top holiday destination in Spain. The eastern coastline of this golden country gets the most attention from tourists.

Balear, Island, Spain, Sea1. The Balearic Islands

The most famous islands of Spain are undoubtedly Ibiza and Mallorca. Ibiza is a worldwide known holiday destination with its colorful nightlife. It is the center of luxury and glory and is frequently preferred by tourists for short-term holidays.

In addition, Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands that stands out with its cultural identity. The highlight of this island is the Roman and Moorish monuments. These cultural heritages create a picturesque landscape with the turquoise blue sea in the background.

Mallorca has lower living costs and holiday expenses compared to Ibiza. Recently, Mallorca has become one of the Spanish islands frequently preferred by tourists for a modest and enjoyable summer holiday. Especially it is among the best destinations in Spain for family holidays.

2. Costa de Valencia

Costa de Valencia is one of the most famous tourist centers in Spain. Valencia city is a metropolitan settlement in the region. It is also a seaside settlement where you can observe the cultural diversity of many civilizations and communities.

The city's rich artistic diversity is one of the main highlights. Valencia is a favorite tourism destination for art lovers. Its carefully preserved architectural monuments, such as the Valencia Cathedral, attract thousands of visitors each day.

There are also prestigious museums that host many special collections in Spain. The most famous art center in Valencia is the Ciutat de Les Arts i les Ciències.
The privileges that Valencia offer go far beyond culture and art. It is known that 46.2% of foreign tourists traveling to Spain prefer visiting Valencia for a pleasant holiday experience. It is among the best cities in Spain for holidays thanks to the unique beaches and warm climate.

With more than 300 sunny days, it is possible to live a holiday-like lifestyle throughout the year. A considerable majority of foreign tourists visiting Valencia also choose to buy a house here. The main motivation of property buyers is to spend the rest of their lives in this lovely settlement at affordable prices.

3. Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is a coastline of more than 200 kilometers. The region has a lot to offer for everyone of every age. The region takes its name from its white sandy beaches. The white shores of Costa Blanca contrast with the turquoise blue Mediterranean waters and offer spectacular views.

Costa Blanca consists of many favored cities known worldwide. The city of Benidorm is a city known for its charming skyline full of multi-story buildings. The fascinating view over the horizon is a must-see. The capital Alicante is a city known for its colorful atmosphere and has a 24/7 lively ambiance. Torrevieja is a peaceful coastal settlement that contains numerous activity centers within.

Costa Blanca stands out with its wonderful environment. Other than a chill day on the beach, you can take a boat trip to its undiscovered bays. Discovering the carefully preserved surroundings in the nature parks is also a great weekend plan.

4. Costa Calida

Costa Calida is a coastline that stretches approximately 250 kilometers. The most prominent features of Costa Calida are undoubtedly the city of Murcia and the Mar Menor.

Mar Menor is a large saltwater lagoon with a surface area of 135 kilometers. It is among the most scenic natural attractions on Costa Calida.
The city of Murcia is visited by tourists from all over the world for its cultural, historical, and touristic aspects. Murcia meets all your expectations from a metropolitan Mediterranean city.

The rural areas occupy approximately 64.5% of the region. Exploring the unique beauties of this glorious country by hiking is the most preferred activity by the tourists visiting the region.

5. Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is also known as "Costa del Golf" among the locals. The region is home to the most prestigious golf clubs in Europe. The coastline also includes the famous city of Marbella, the center of luxury, and glory. It is one of the best areas in Spain for a holiday if you are fond of a privileged and elite lifestyle.

Golf, Ispanya, Dağ, OrmanCosta del Sol is frequently visited by business people, economic and political leaders, famous individuals, and artists from all over the world. Marbella is one of the most prominent luxury holiday destinations in the region.

Marbella city is one of the leading centers of fashion and hosts hundreds of designer brands. The city combines luxury and privilege with the Mediterranean lifestyle. Marbella was chosen by European Best Destinations as the 2nd best tourism destination in 2022 in Europe.

Costa del Sol is one of Spain's most popular resorts for golf tourism. The region hosts more than 70 golf courses and international golf tournaments. Golf clubs located in the Costa del Sol region usually attract the attention of real estate buyers who want to buy a golf house in Spain.

The golf courses in Spain are generally located in privileged positions on the mountain slopes or facing the shore. These golf clubs are designed with extensive social facilities to ensure that your stay is enjoyable. This way you can participate in different activities all day long. The extensive golf facilities in the region make the Costa del Sol the perfect place for a golf vacation.

Spain is the most preferred country in Europe with its unique natural beauties, and carefully preserved historical monuments. Living in Spain is a dream come true for most foreigners.

If you want to live a holiday-like lifestyle with a summer taste throughout the year, browse our listing pages now to buy your new house in Spain.