Here is the most significant tip for living your best life in Spain: Find a good place to live, be open to exciting experiences, and catch the opportunities at the right time. But is life always sunny, pretty, and colorful in Spain as they say? Let’s discuss it.

What Are the Worst Things About Life in Spain?

The most common downsides of living in Spain for foreigners are being homesick, not being able to keep up with the bureaucratic procedures, and cannot string along with the laidback lifestyle.

a man relaxing with a scenery of greenery• Frustration that Comes with the Major Relaxation

Life in Spain is cheerful, joyous, and comfortable. But it’s not a crime if you don’t enjoy this level of comfort. When compared to British citizens, Americans, or the rest of the world; Spaniards may seem a teensy bit unconventional in the context of tranquility.

If you are used to a vibrant lifestyle, always on a string, it is highly likely that you may stumble while getting used to it.

• Far from Home

Doesn’t matter how beautiful a place could be, it is not the most beautiful place when your loved ones are not around. Families, friends, and loved ones affect more than missing your first home or old life.

After moving to another European country, being a homesick and missing family is a common feeling among expats in Spain. Good news, then! Spanish government allows Non-Lucrative and Golden Visa applicants to bring their spouses, children below 18 years old, and dependent parents to Spain.

• Difficulties with Bureaucratic Procedures

spain flag in front of the court houseIf you don’t have an intermediate level of Spanish knowledge, you might have a hard time getting things done in government offices. Sometimes you may realize that even an easy legal procedure can be stratified and frustrating at some point.

However, it is possible to get professional help on these subjects from local experts. For example, the customers of Spain Homes ® are able to benefit from the deep knowledge of local agents on legal and financial transactions. Our agents help our customers from opening a bank account to getting their title deeds and residence permits.

What Are the Best Things About Life in Spain?

The best thing about living in Spain for an expat is to be able to experience every lifestyle in the same place. In the morning, you can easily go to the beach to sunbathe or golfing and then to the best Sierras in Spain for skiing.

Living in Spain… Strolling through the streets of cozy oldtowns, sunbathing on the most beautiful costas, taking a road trip to discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites and natural treasures… There is always more to discover, more to see, and more things to do in Spain.

Sun, beautiful beach, siestas, and moreover, fiestas. Life in Spain is pretty colorful from afar. However, moving to another country and living there as an expat comes with many concerns along with the excitement. With the right knowledge of what to do and what not to do, it can truly be a unique experience to live.

There are some life hacks and tips that will ease the adaptation process to your new life in Spain. Here are some tips for living in the world’s one of the best countries to live as an Expat.

• Decide How You Want to Live and Where

a view of nature and building in spainYour choices determine your lifestyle quality and Spain has it all for everyone. Deciding where to stay in Spain is an important decision that has to be made carefully.

Let’s say you are fond of vibrant city life and would absolutely adore earning a living in a cosmopolitan city. Then, tranquil inland settlements may not be the perfect fit for you.

Other than the renowned capital Madrid, the coastal metropolitan cities of Spain are the best places to experience the Mediterranean dream in terms of opportunities. People with enthusiastic characteristics can function well in well-developed cities such as Madrid, Málaga, Alicante, or Valencia.

PS: Don’t get confused while looking for the best places to stay in Spain. These cities bear the same name as their provinces under autonomous communities. Provinces cover a larger area including other towns, municipalities, and villages. While looking home to buy in Spain, make sure that you are looking at the right place.

If you would like to pursue a peaceful life in a cozy village by beginning your day with stunning nature and sea views, relatively smaller settlements by the coast would be the best. Settlements like Benalmadena, Orihuela, Benitachell, Estepona, or Torrevieja offer a quality lifestyle surrounded by a healthy environment. Plus, everything you need is within easy reach and at the tip of your finger.

Do you want to experience what is it like to live on a populous Mediterranean island? The biggest island of Mallorca welcomes you to its magical world. Strolling through the narrow streets of Palma de Mallorca, discovering new scenic beauties each day, and walking along with the best beaches in Spain is like living up to an illusion.

Each city has its own unique atmosphere and opportunities to live in comfort. Knowing which one to live in is the most significant factor that can affect your lifestyle quality. There are certain things to consider such as the investment value on the long haul, estate requirements, proximity to amenities and airports, or transportation options.

A second opinion from a local advisor, such as property experts of Spain Homes ®, would be a big help during your decision-making process. A professional property expert would think of every aspect to provide you with the best possible way of living.

• Try to Learn Spanish Beforehand to Earn a Living

few people learning a new languageYes, you can communicate in English in Spain but knowing Spanish attracts more opportunities.

Expats who got Golden Visa by investment obtain the right to work in Spain with their visa. Also, other work permit holders who have an intermediate or advanced level of English knowledge can easily find a job to live in Spain.

However, having an intermediate level of Spanish talking and writing skills comes in handy in terms of job opportunities. If you are planning to live and work in Spain and improve yourself in a specific field with a long-term contract, it would be best to have Spanish as a second language.

• Make Peace with the Laidback Lifestyle

a man reading a book while relaxing and holding orange juiceYou may be surprised to witness how a regular business day goes relaxed and smoothly in Spain. This idea of Spaniards being a chill-out and joyous community may seem stereotyped but it’s actually quite true.

For example, it may be confusing to see that standing in line while waiting for something is not a common practice in public. In Spain, people know their place according to the person in front of them. Don’t be surprised if someone, who sits until the last minute, walks before you in line and completes their transactions.

Moreover, the lunch and dinner time is also quite different in Spain than in the rest of Europe. For example, lunchtime is usually between 2 - 3 PM, and dinner is served around 9 or 10 pm. In between these essential meals, Mediterranean snacks and appetizers are the actual heroes of a daily meal of a Spaniard.

• Spaniards Love the Holidays!

There are nearly 14 bank holidays each year in Spain. Don’t be surprised if you see an empty office after a holiday because there is a merging holiday system in Spain called “Puente”. Puente is a common practice in Spain.

If a national holiday or a fiesta falls on Tuesday, Monday will be also included on the holiday to merge the weekend with Tuesday. It is also the same way on Thursdays. According to Puente, Friday is also declared a holiday.

• Travelling around Spain is Easy

a woman looks out from window in a busSpain is a massive country with slightly complicated regional regimes including autonomous communities, provinces, and white sand costas. But traveling between regions is quite comfortable and easy.

The provinces and cities of Spain are quite well-connected through autopistas and autovías. Autopistas are controlled-access highways reserved for automobile travel. The autopistas are mostly described as an expressway or a motorway.

Heavy tonnage and slow-speed vehicles usually prefer autovías. Autovías are the upgraded version of older high-capacity roads. They are untolled and cannot be crossed by other roads.

For example, the AP-7 and A-7 are the autopistas and autovías connecting provinces on the Mediterranean shore.

AP-7 is a part of the European highway known as E-15 stretches from the France border to the south through Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Elche, and Cartagena for about 911 km. There is also another segment of AP-7 road connecting Fuengirola to Marbella and then Estepona for about 100 km.

A-7 mostly extends from the Valencian Community and reaches Gibraltar on the south. The Autovía del Mediterráneo stretches for about 1000 km through Alicante, Murcia, Almería, Málaga, and Marbella.

These well-connected roads that match the advanced transportation system allow people to travel throughout the country as they wish.

• Shop Like a Local

Rather than supermarkets, visiting farmer’s markets is a daily life practice of a Spaniard. These open markets and bazaars are a common thread among Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey.

Open markets connect customers to the freshest products directly harvested by the farmers themselves. Other than greengroceries, vegetables, and handmade and baked products; some local sweets such as to-go churros are also served in some open markets in Spain.

The most significant factor that makes gastronomy a major thing in Mediterranean countries such as Spain is these easy-to-reach fresh products. Plus, it will be cheaper than supermarket products because there would be relatively fewer logistic expenses. This shopping approach is one of the best ways to live as a true Spaniard.

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