For long decades, Mallorca is so popular among Germans and Brits because of its long and sandy beaches, awesome Mediterranean climate, and ideal costs for both living and holiday. There are many more numerous reasons for this choice of Brits and Germans. In our blog, we will describe all reasons why Mallorca is so popular.

Why Germans and Brits Choosing Majorca?Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands. The name of the island actually describes itself. The name “Majorca” means “the larger one” in the Medieval era Latin language. Both Majorca and Mallorca are getting used as the name of the island.

The approximate population of Mallorca is around 900 thousand. Nearly half of this population lives in the island’s capital city, Palma. As the statistics show that Spain is the best holiday destination for Europeans, the island of Mallorca has an important place in these stats.

The island has an international airport named Palma de Mallorca Airport. It is one of the busiest airports in Spain with approximately 30 million passengers every year. The number of passengers increasing year by year as the island gets more popular.

The ideal Mediterranean climate of the island offers more than 300 days of sunshine every year. The weather average is between 18 and 38 celsius in Mallorca. It is an unmissable feature for holidays, summer houses, and new permanent residences for people from Northern European countries.

Mallorca: Rising Star of Balearic Islands

More than 3.4 million German tourists and 2.3 million British tourists visit Mallorca every year. In total, the two countries consist %70 of the total number of tourists in Mallorca. The main offerings affecting why Brits and Germans to choose Mallorca are;

  • Ideal climate
  • Low costs for both holiday and property
  • A large number of German and British locals
  • An internationally popular location for holidays
  • Large airport
  • Location close to Europe
  • Vibrant holiday economy

As the list shows, Mallorca has the same characteristics as the country. People can decide on the country as their next holiday or property investment place without asking why to choose Spain. The same thing helped Mallorca to become a major destination for both tourism and property investment.

More than 20 thousand Brits are living as permanent residents in Mallorca. Mallorca and other Balearic Islands have guested Brits as the first tourists after the huge popularity boom of the islands in the mid-60s.

The long-time relationship between the two countries gave some more benefits lately. The United Kingdom and Spain have mutual healthcare and education agreements.

Also, there are various British schools are available in Mallorca. So, when British tourists visit the island, they don’t even need to think about medical security. Afterward, if they decide to relocate to this island, they can easily find a new comfortable school for their children.

For Germans, Majorca is a heaven-like place. There are high numbers of German locals living there. Germans are stable people. When they like somewhere, they don’t want to change. Feeling at home while on a holiday is a big must for most Germans.

Especially, S’Arenal, the famous beach in Mallorca. It is so popular that most think it is one of the best areas to stay in Mallorca. S’Arenal is considered one of the best places not only for Germans in Mallorca but also for tourists from everywhere.

The famous beach offers large holiday parties every year. That’s why it is one of the most popular destinations for German citizens.

Best Places to Stay in Majorca

The regions of Mallorca offer various experiences. So, there is an ideal place for everyone on the island. Here are some of the best places to stay in Mallorca. These areas are ideal for both living and visiting.


It is clearly the best area for those who are looking for a central, cultural, and developed place. Palma is the capital of the island. The airport is also located here. Half of the population of the island is living in Palma.

Why Germans and Brits Choosing Majorca?The cosmopolitan structure of the city made it one of the most interesting places in entire Spain. Excellent city planning, large ports, and a wide selection of amenities welcome people from all over the world to the pearl of the Mediterranean.


The town of Pollensa is located in the northern part of the island. It is an ancient town with a long history. The town has a beautiful summer festival, which is called Pollensa Festival. The festival brings music and other cultural activities.

Pollensa is highly popular among Brits. The large portion of Brits living in Majorca mostly resides in Pollensa. It is one of the most preferred property-buying destinations for Brits and Germans.


Why Germans and Brits Choosing Majorca?It is a coastal village with amazing picturesque views just like on the wallpapers. Deia is located on the northwest coast of Mallorca, on the foot of the Teix mountain. Deia comes in very first place in the list of popular places among Germans. It is also famous for being a second home to many famous writers, artists, and other famous people.

There are more places to discover on the beautiful island of Majorca. These are the best places to visit and stay in Mallorca, especially preferred by tourists and expats from northern European countries. If you are wondering more about where to find charming beach houses in Spain, you may also take a look at our other blog.

After a nice holiday, some of the tourists want to buy a property in Mallorca. As some Mallorca regions offer nearly the best prices for property, it is very famous among foreign investors.

So, Majorca has the same advantages as Spain, long beaches, nice tourist attractions, and affordable prices. It shows why is Spain the most popular holiday destination, and also why Mallorca is popular among Brits and Germans.