In today’s constantly evolving world, cryptocurrencies are becoming a more and more popular tool for investing and trading goods and assets. The expansion of cryptocurrencies’ field of activity brings the “Can I buy a house with Bitcoin?” question to the minds of many. Our reply to that would be “Yes, you can.”.

As the leading real estate company, we always try to be better to provide our clients with the best customer service possible. Aware of the hardships of making an overseas real estate investment, we adapt to the latest proptech to ease the process. To this end, Spain Homes ® now enables you to buy properties with Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies.

Adoption of Cryptocurrencies into the Real Estate Sector

Adapting to the New World: Buying Property with CryptoMany people have been investing in cryptocurrencies because they see them as a money-spinner due to their revolutionary characteristics. In fact, happenings in recent years have shown us that a well-thought-out investment in cryptocurrencies can increase the value of your assets tremendously.

The fact that 83% of millennial millionaires are crypto-asset owners is solid evidence of this. However, only 53% of crypto investors hold 50% of their wealth in crypto. Real estate investment is still a preferred method of investment for many and a great choice for crypto investors looking to diversify their assets.

On the other hand, many people have started using cryptocurrencies for real estate purchases simply because of their functionality. Buying properties overseas with cryptocurrency is easier, faster, safer, and cheaper. Here is how;

How to Buy Real Estate with Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies?

Buying a house with Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrencies isn’t all that different from the traditional way or more complicated so to say. The very first thing to do, just like in the traditional way, is to find your dream house among the properties for sale in Spain.

The second step is determining the payment terms and conditions. Both of these steps are handled fluently with our professional team. After you’ve agreed on the terms and conditions with the seller, all that is left is to make the payment.

In this step, Spain Homes ® collaborates with Utrust to provide its clients with an easy and smooth payment process. Once the deal is complete we’ll generate an invoice and forward the payment link to you. You can easily make your payment with just a few clicks through Utrust’s payment widget.

You can choose whichever currency is the best for you from a wide selection of cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, Dash, EGLD, UTK, and so on...When we acquire your crypto payment through Utrust, we’ll transfer it to the seller and carry on with the rest of the legal procedures for title deed conveyance as usual.

This is how you sail through the property purchasing procedure with cryptocurrencies. If you want to learn more about the details of the cryptocurrency payment method or about crypto real estate tokens, you can read the article written by Utrust.