TEKCE is continuing to present webinars to inform investors from all over the world. On 2 March 2024, we invite you to the Second Home Spain Webinar to get all the details of your potential second home in Spain!

Spain: Among Most Popular Countries for Second Home

Owning a second home is a decision that affects people in both daily life and investment. Being an owner of a second home is getting more popular day by day. People choose owning a home, instead of spending their holidays in hotels.

To buy a second home, Spain is one of the most popular countries in the world. Perfect climate, ideal living conditions, and tranquil atmosphere intertwined with vibrant daily life make Spain one of the first choices.

That’s why TEKCE is holding another webinar to inform buyers and investors from all over the world about purchasing a second home in Spain. At this webinar, participants will be able to get all information on buying property, legal procedures, ideal destinations, and more about Spain.

Our experts will also answer all your questions. This webinar will be held in Swedish. You may find the details of the webinar below:

TEKCE - Second Home Webinar | Spain (Swedish)


2 March 2024, 15:00
Stockholm (GMT+1)


Çağlar Girishan
Ertan Göy

*This webinar will be held in Swedish.
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