Our lawyers presenting webinars on Spain Golden Visa since April. Our next event will be on 8 July, Saturday. Our team got high demand for our events. The main reason behind the high demand for these events is Spain Golden Visa’s huge benefit offer and our expert lawyers.

As the demand continues, our team will be setting up more events to inform valuable attendants. Getting more information always returns faster results. So, you will be able to discover all aspects of the Spanish Golden Visa by Investment program with our webinars.

You may find event details and additional information below.

Spanish Golden Visa by Investment WebinarSpanish Golden Visa by Investment Webinar

Date: 08.07.2023 - 11:00 (GMT +3)

Moderator: İhsan Erol
Lawyers: Funda Gizem Çelik, Sefa Muhammed Yılmaz

Note: The webinar will be held as a single session in Turkish.

Get All Details of the Spanish Golden Visa by Investment at Our Webinars!

Our team of law experts is continuing to inform you about the Spain Golden Visa program. Join our next webinar to get all Spanish Golden Visa by Investment details. Our team will give useful information including eligibilities, requirements, and the application process.

In case you never heard before, the Spanish Golden Visa program allows foreigners to get residency in Spain through investment. Golden Visa in Spain also allows foreigners to legally work in Spain.

Furthermore, Golden Visa holders can apply for a long-time residence permit after 5 years.

Spain is an amazing country in a very unique location in the Iberian peninsula. It offers an awesome climate, ideal living conditions, a wide variety of business opportunities, and many more. While even country’s these aspects are ideal for choosing Spain, you will discover numerous more.

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Join our webinars to learn more about Spanish Golden Visa. You will easily open a new page in your life, and find your dream home under the sun! We will be eagerly waiting to meet and inform you!