Are you ready to follow your dreams and find the best opportunities to live your best life in Spain? Everything you are looking for is at this exciting event about Golden Visa in Spain!

We are happy to announce that Tekce Visa is organizing another exclusive webinar event, where you can learn everything on how to get a Golden Visa in Spain.Spain Golden Visa Investment Webinar

Spanish Golden Visa by Investment Webinar” is offered by Tekce Visa, a global company that offers expert consultancy in citizenship, legal consultation, real estate, and residency. During the webinar, experienced professionals of the Tekce team will provide all information regarding Golden Visa applications in Spain, and share the most exquisite tips and advice.

Since it will be a virtual live event, you will be able to ask your questions and gain firsthand knowledge about the Golden Visa in Spain. With the insights of well-trained company lawyers of Tekce, you will get a chance to find all the answers to your questions about investment criteria while applying to Golden Visa, application conditions, and benefits.

Spanish Golden Visa by Investment Webinar by Tekce Visa

Moderator: İhsan Erol
Lawyers: Funda Gizem Çelik, Sefa Muhammed Yılmaz

Webinar Details:

June, 13, Tuesday at 14.00

*Note: The webinars will be held in Turkish.

To register and get the meeting link, please fill out the contact form below.

Reserve your spot in the webinar event and take the first step on this exciting journey in Europe’s most desirable destination to live in. Your dream life in Spain awaits!