The soaring energy prices in 2022 are making predictions that there will be a shortage of natural gas and fuel, especially in Europe, for the upcoming winter months. Many European countries are taking precautions and restrictions for the problems that may occur. This could lead to a nightmare scenario of energy shortages and cold winter for all of Europe.

VUSR* Chairperson Marija Linnhoff’s proposal added a new perspective to the measures to be taken against the crisis. In a statement to Mallorca Zeitung, she points out that German retirees may take a winter vacation in warmer southern countries.

Island, ocean, boatShe suggests that Europeans, going through hard times because of the energy crisis and inflation, may prefer warmer locations, such as Spain and Turkey, which have temperate climates, both to stay for a long time and make a profitable investment.

Why Is Spain One Of The Best Places To Go Through The Energy Crisis?

The climate in Spain is temperate, especially in the southern regions. These regions can enjoy the open air almost all year round, thanks to having more than 320 sunny days a year. Maximum temperatures are experienced in the hot and dry months of July and August throughout the country.

The standout features of Spain as one of the most suitable locations to spend the crisis period:

  • The average annual temperature is 14.25°C in Spain. (Image 1 on the side: The average seasonal temperature in Spain between 1991-2020 ( Climate Change Knowledge Portal by World Bank))sablon
  • Even in the winter months, the temperature doesn't go below 10°C (except for the northern regions).
  • It has more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year. (Image 2 on the side: Hours of sunshine per day)sablon
  • Especially in Costa Blanca and Costa Del Sol, there are long hours of sunshine during the winter period.
  • The coast of Spain is one of the active coastal tourism destinations throughout the year. You can swim in the sea most of the year.
  • Thanks to Spain's mild climate, hot weather doesn't show up only in summer. You only need heating a few months a year.
  • The daily cost of living here is 23% cheaper than in Germany.
  • Electricity, water, and heating (utilities) and energy costs in Spain are 35% cheaper than in Germany.

Spain Turn the Energy Crisis Into an Advantage

light, bulb, natural-gasCountries are taking drastic measures in the ongoing energy crisis that has been experienced all over the world, especially in Europe. In addition to the measures taken in Europe, Spain already stands out as the right place to spend this crisis period by offering a very low-cost life compared to other countries with the same quality living standards.

Looking at the EU’s energy-saving policies made by taking into account the costs, buying a property in Spain will be a wise choice to turn the current crisis into an opportunity. It may be not only an escape plan from the crisis but also a great investment tool.

Spain is very popular with tourists and welcomes many every year. The tourism volume has a positive influence on the country's real estate market. The high demand for the rental property market also increases real estate values and sales. Property owners earn a high income by renting their properties when not in use.

So, the worst scenario of the energy crisis that awaits Europeans will turn into a fairy tale by both benefiting from mild climate conditions and appropriate energy expenditures and owning a property that they can easily rent during this crisis period.

Spain Homes’s professional team, operating in Spain, Turkey, Sweden, and Cyprus, continues to provide the best customer service during this period.

* Verband Unabhängiger Selbstständiger Reisebüros (VUSR)