There are countless reasons to move to Spain, the beautiful country in the Iberian peninsula. The country’s main highlight is richness. Spain offers rich enough opportunities and advantages to all foreigners of all ages.

Spain, the beautiful country in the Iberian peninsula.That’s why we divided this topic into two. You will find out why you should move to Spain as a working foreigner looking for opportunities. And then, for retirees who are looking for a tranquil area.

If you are already convinced to move you should skip this part and check out our blog on tips for living in Spain.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Spain as a Working Foreigner

As a young person, you will be looking for new opportunities to get vibrancy in your life. The equal opportunities in Spain are ideal for you. You will have a great environment to show yourself in the developing business world in Spain.

Whether you are a digital nomad or a traditional worker, living in Spain permanently will help you to show your inner potential. Also, you will have a better life-work balance. You will have more time while living and working in Spain. In addition, you will have more options for leisure activities to do in your free time.

There are numerous places to see in Spain. Starting from the 47 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you will have a long must-see list. Also, as a country bordered by sea nearly everywhere, there will be tons of activities including water sports to have a look at.

Furthermore, advantageous tax regimes and the low cost of living in Spain will help you to make more savings. The economical opportunities in Spain are not only these. The developed real estate market in Spain has rich options to choose from.

Choosing a location to live in SpainInfrastructure is another important consideration when choosing a location to live. The developed health, education, city, business, and transportation infrastructure of Spain make it one of the best places to live.

Also by being a significant transportation hub, it gives easy access to all parts of Europe, in addition to being a gateway to America. So, you won’t be far from home while living in Spain.

Whether you are a working person or a pensioner, you must take note that there will be lots of options for a Spanish residence permit.

What Are the Top Reasons to Move to Spain as a Retiree?

Spain is a tranquil and safe place suitable for everyone. It has various areas that can be considered the best places to live in Spain. So, you will be facing so many bests. This could be your biggest problem while moving to Spain as a pensioner.

You will have to choose between numerous good options while living in Spain. As nearly all regions are the safest parts of Spain, there will be no restrictions when it comes to choosing a place. And it is another shortest answer to the question, why Spain?

Before moving to any other country, there should be a long thinking period. International relocation to Spain is easier in nearly all European countries. But, the advantages and opportunities in the country are making it an ideal place.

Just like mentioned in the working foreigners part, the cost of living is also ideal for pensioners. So, the only thing that remains for you is to enjoy the fantastic and relaxing Spanish lifestyle.

Many reasons to move to SpainFor quicker understanding, here is the list of some of the many reasons to move to Spain:

  • Ideal climate intertwined with unique nature
  • Extensive coastline with numerous sandy beaches
  • Amazing historical landmarks and places to visit
  • Rich variety of leisure activities
  • One of the lowest costs of living in all European countries
  • A vibrant business world with numerous opportunities
  • Developed transportation network connecting continents
  • Easy access to nearly all cities with well-designed transportation
  • Reasonable costs for real estate suitable for both investment and residency

Where Should You Choose to Move to Spain?

You should choose the south and southeastern parts of Spain if you are a sea-sand-sun person. If you are looking for more vibrancy, then you should take a look at larger cities such as Barcelona, or directly the capital, Madrid.

In short, the best place to live in Spain would depend on your needs and desires. But to speak in general, these days, southern and eastern parts of Spain are getting increasingly popular. Especially Malaga is considered one of the good places to live in Spain.

Starting from Valencia to the south, Benidorm, Alicante, Murcia, Cartagena, then more southern parts. Almeria, Malaga, and the most popular parts end with Seville after passing Cadiz. These are also considered the most popular destinations for large communities of expats in Spain.

This part of the country offers both enjoyable living and investment opportunities together. For both investment and permanent living, now is the right time to invest in the southern parts, so, just like it has been a good time to buy property in Spain in 2022, it continues.

Is It Hard to Buy Property in Spain as a Foreigner?

good places to live in SpainNo, it’s not. The process to buy property in Spain as a non-resident or foreigner gets easier every year. But, you must note that you will have to speak Spanish in the formal processes. While some of the officials can speak English, Spanish languages is a must for living in Spain.

And after you purchase your next property, you will also have to deal with the processes of residence permits. But, the good idea to live in Spain will give you enough motivation to overcome these hardships.

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