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Located within the borders of the coast of light, Cadiz city stands out as one of the most comfortable places to live your best life. The low living costs and laidback lifestyle with a summer taste in your mouth make a great combination for permanent living in Andalusia.

The highest demanded types of properties bought by foreigners in Cadiz are the houses. Here are some reasons to buy villas for sale in Cadiz Spain.

Why do People Choose to Buy a Home in Cadiz Spain?

• Extensive Living Spaces: The communal and private living areas are the most significant features to consider while buying a house. Detached or semi-detached homes for sale in Cadiz generally contain a wide selection of living spaces.

The houses have more mobility and convertibility in comparison to the flats. The interior spaces can easily be transformed by the owner’s wishes and needs. Customizability is a major factor when deciding on what type of property you would like to invest in.

• Outdoor Areas to Socialize: This Andalusian port city is everything you can dream of. The city of Cadiz in the Andalusia region is one of the southernmost living centers of Spain.

Cadiz brings the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean together and offers magnificent climatic conditions. Thanks to its strategic geographical position, Cadiz is an ideal location for outdoor activities with an average of 300 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 14°C to 30°C throughout the year.

These comfortable climatic conditions are also one of the main reasons why Spain’s famous golfing cities often focus on coastal areas. Cadiz offers the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities on sunny days even in the winter, away from the cold weather and rain throughout the year.

If you like functional design and spend most of the day outside, and buy an apartment in Cadiz Spain, you can also enjoy the lovely weather in semi-open spaces such as large balconies or terraces. However, people who work at their home offices, spend most of their time at home and are retired generally prefer to buy a house in Cadiz.

Interior spaces of Cadiz homes for sale are usually designed with an organic interaction with open living spaces to maximize the benefit of the pleasant climatic conditions. These villas are built with open and semi-open living areas such as open terraces with sea, nature, or city views on the top floor. On the ground floor, the open spaces usually consist of private landscaped gardens, sunbathing terraces with pools, barbecue and leisure areas.

• Privacy and Freedom: Having your own home brings comfort and ease within. One of the main reasons why houses rank first among the most preferred Cadiz property for sale is the effort to provide adequate living spaces for everyone. Other than communal areas, houses offer people more than a room in particular.

Although the number varies depending on the number of people and the width of the area, villas with multiple bedrooms usually contain a large bedroom for each resident with their private balconies and en-suite bathrooms.

Living spaces distributed over several floors are preferred as one of the major factors that provide the privacy a person can need. Thus, all residents of the house can have their private bathrooms, terraces, rooms, and in some cases even private jacuzzis.

• Affordable Prices and High Investment Value: House prices in Cadiz are 46.2% more affordable than in Madrid and 48.7% more affordable than in Barcelona. The city of Cadiz is one of the prominent living centers in terms of price-quality balance. The city hosts more comfortable and well-equipped house options at affordable prices to pursue a quality lifestyle.

Although commercial real estate in Cadiz is a profitable investment choice, houses are also among the promised options that gain high value over time. Especially when you buy real estate at the planning stage or during the construction process, the value of the house will increase as the construction progresses.

New construction projects are starting to rise all over the city due to the high demand. Purchasing an off-plan house or an under-construction villa in Cadiz is an advantageous investment opportunity that will increase your profit in the long haul.

The Most Preferred Houses in Cadiz Spain

There are three ways to become a homeowner: buying Cadiz land for sale and building your own house; buying an off-plan home as an investment skipping the construction process and buying a ready-to-move villa in Cadiz. Each of these options suits a different type of expectation.

For example, if you are looking forward to moving into your new home in Spain, you would prefer to buy a ready-to-move home with fully completed infrastructure.

If you would like to design your own living spaces and are involved in the construction phase, buying land and building the house on your own is the most convenient choice. You can also customize your new villa when it’s under construction or off-plan.

Most of the houses built in Cadiz contain outdoor areas to fully benefit from the great climate and joyous atmosphere. This is the main reason why the villas with private pools in Cadiz are the most preferred types of houses. The outdoor spaces allow homeowners to enjoy the bright sunshine, warm climate, and cool breezes throughout the year by the pool.

Thanks to its significant location bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, there is an endless number of beach houses which are also one of the most preferred types of houses. This way you’ll be at the beach within a few steps and will be able to enjoy stunning views of the turquoise sea from your terrace.

Most of the houses in Cadiz Spain for sale have an exclusive design with contemporary style and are equipped with the highest technology to provide comfort. Especially the generation of Millenials would like to ease their lives by using the power of technology. These modern houses of Cadiz are generally designed with innovative features and functional spaces. New housing projects consisting of private villas with high-tech features such as smart home systems are at their peak in Cadiz.

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