Real Estate for Sale in Costa de Valencia

Costa de Valencia is a renowned shoreline bordering the Valencia province from the east coast. The costa extens from Alicante province of Costa Blanca on the south and Castellón province of Costa del Azahar on the north. 

Simply, Costa de Valencia is the coast of Valencia province stretching for nearly 485 km throughout the Mediterranean shore. The most famous settlements other than Valencia, the capital city of the costa, are Daimuz, Hangia, Miramar, Sagunto, and Cullera.

The region is also a major tourism center in Spain because of its lively, affordable, and comfortable lifestyle. The costa has a lot to offer for everyone of every age. There is an endless number of activity options for everyone. Thanks to the wonderful climate with nearly 320 sunny days, it is possible to attend outdoor events throughout the year.  

Why Do People Choose to Live in Costa de Valencia?

People often want to spend more than a few weeks in this gorgeous Mediterranean resort. Some even decide to spend the rest of their lives here. Few major factors can change your mind about buying a property for sale in Costa de Valencia Spain and start living your best life. 

Healthy Environment: Costa de Valencia is home to marvelous natural beauties. The magnificent nature of the costa is being carefully preserved by locals and government authorities. 

The 34 beaches of Costa de Valencia are marked as blue flag beaches in 2022. The unique natural beauties of Costa de Valencia are carefully preserved as natural parks such as Dehesa del Saler, a Mediterranean forest between the coast and Albufera, Albufera Natural Park, and Marjal de Pego-Oliva. 

Affordable Prices and Low Living Costs: If you are planning to buy property in Costa de Valencia, you will observe that the real estate prices are relatively lower in comparison to the cities with the same living conditions. 

For example, the budget that you spare for leisure activities will be more in the capital Madrid or Barcelona. The consumer prices are nearly 15% higher in Madrid and 12.5 % higher in Barcelona. People often choose to buy a villa in Costa de Valencia to live there because of the affordability. In this way, they can create a budget for their activities and hobbies.

Easy Access: All settlements of Costa de Valencia are connected by A-7 and AP-7 main roads. These autopistas extend along with the Mediterranean coast and stretch from Alicante to the north, pass the shore of Costa de Valencia, and reach Castellón. Also, it is possible to access Costa de Valencia by A-3 main road from Madrid and A-23 road from Zaragoza. Valencia also has an international airport hosting a great number of airlines flying from all over the world. You can also directly fly to islands of Spain such as Ibiza or Mallorca from Valencia Airport. The well-developed transportation network allows people to reach anywhere they want easily.

Comfortable and Joyous Lifestyle: Living in Costa de Valencia is easy, comfortable, and stress-free. Small quality times such as taking a little walk in the wonderful natural parks of the region or laying on the sandy beaches of costa under the bright sun will take away all of your stress. 

You can also swim in the crystal clear Mediterranean sea any time of the year because of the region's wonderful climate. Each year, more than 7 million people choose to visit Costa de Valencia during the summertime but a region is also a sought-after place that offers a vacation-like lifestyle all year round. 

Life in Costa de Valencia is also pretty colorful. Valencia is a multicultural city and a home to foreigners from all over the world. Each year millions of people visit Costa de Valencia to participate in La Fallas and Las Fiestas de San Vicente Ferrer festivals. These festivals are perfect to embrace the authentic Spanish culture, especially the Valencian traditions, and are regularly visited by not only locals but also foreigners.

What to Pay Attention While Buying a Real Estate in Costa de Valencia?

There are a few major conditions you may want to consider while looking for a Costa Valencia property. Working with a professional real estate company comes in handy at these times. Your real estate agent who is familiar with the local market will find the best property in the region according to your wishes, expectations, and necessities.

You are in a Mediterranean country. Benefit from the stunning views of the sea. Most of the properties within 3-5 km from the wonderful beaches of Costa de Valencia generally have lovely sea views. Your new home doesn’t have to be at a beachfront location specifically. Most of the residential complexes within a 5 km radius of the beach take advantage of the elevated grounds and are built as overlooking the sea.

South-facing properties are at their peak. Most of the new housing projects are being built towards the south to benefit from the bright sun shining above Costa de Valencia throughout the year. This way the interior spaces can fill with natural sunlight and you can enjoy lovely evenings on your private terrace during the Golden Hour. In this way, your home will be warm even in the winter season.

For a profitable investment, consider off-plan or under-construction properties. If you are not in a rush, buying an off-plan real estate also can be a great option in terms of property investment. The properties gain value as the construction goes by. For example, a project of apartments for sale in Costa de Valencia will be at its lowest prices when it's off-plan. The apartments will gain a certain value when the construction begins and the prices will go higher at each stage. The price difference between a ready-to-move property and an off-plan property can vary between 10% - 30%. 

If you are buying real estate as an investment, think wider. Consider diverse property options other than the residences. Yes, you can buy a villa or an apartment but commercial real estate in Costa de Valencia is also a promising option. Valencia is a multinational port city with vibrant business activities. A great number of international companies have branches and headquarters throughout. Buying a commercial property and renting it to a well-established company can be an opportunity in the long haul in terms of regular income.

Why not build your dream home according to your desires? You can easily buy land for sale in Costa de Valencia with a construction permit and build a home that suits your wishes and expectations. In this way, you can organize the living spaces according to your family’s needs, decorate them as you wish, and design each living space separately.

Look for new properties to keep up with the contemporary lifestyle. A new construction responds to a lifestyle the moment it was built. And everything will be newly installed in line with the latest technology and systems to reduce the chances of inconvenience. 

Also, new homes are generally built with sustainable features and materials to support energy efficiency. The current construction rules insist on better use of natural resources. This affects energy consumption and waste-managing with a more eco-friendly understanding.

Work with a professional real estate company to grab great deals. An expert company with a remarkable experience in the field will have full knowledge of the local market. Your real estate agent will understand your needs and wishes and might offer you seasonal campaigns. These campaigns are made according to the private agreements made with a construction company and are only valid for a limited time. 

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