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Advantages in Buying a Property in Torremolinos Málaga

Only forty years ago, Torremolinos was a quiet fishing village. In recent decades, it has evolved into an attractive resort known for its clean sandy beaches, wide choice of restaurants, and an amazing variety of entertainment, activities and nightlife. All these factors attract foreigners to buy a property in Torremolinos, Málaga.

Torremolinos is situated in the Spanish province of Málaga, and is located in the western direction from Málaga. The town attracts Spanish property buyers from a variety of demographics, budgets and backgrounds to buy properties and invest in Torremolinos, Málaga. In addition to the beaches and nightlife, you still find the traditional Spanish atmosphere and character of the typical white washed Andalusian villages.

The only pedestrian street, Calle San Miguel, is located in the centre, which can be described as the main artery of the city. It is a real paradise for restaurant lovers, street artists, and sophisticated shops. The buzzing ambiance of Calle San Miguel is the heartbeat to the city of Torremolinos.

The city has interesting museums and fascinating monuments. It has a charming old town that gives you an immediate feeling of a Mediterranean capital. The city has innumerable restaurants in all price ranges and a wide selection of shopping centres, sophisticated shops, stylish marinas, and variety of real estate for sale in Torremolinos.

For golf aficionados, Málaga is the ideal place. It has the highest concentration of golf courses in the world, which is why it is sometimes called the "Costa del Golf". Moreover, you may consider buying a property in Torremolinos, Málaga that is close to one of the town’s famous golf courses, to enjoy a luxurious life that has all what you dream of.

There are international schools and also a solid university in Málaga. A famous student place is Plaza de la Merced, a square in the center of the city where you will find many bars and restaurants. A lot of students prefer Málaga to study the Spanish language at one of the different language schools.

Why Invest in Property in Torremolinos?

It’s a fact that 5 years after the economic and financial crisis, there is a rising demand for residential and commercial real estate in Spain, especially in Málaga. Málaga has registered a continuous and growing demand for housing since 2015. The impulse of foreign tourists who are looking to spend longer periods in Torremolinos and buy properties in Torremolinos have contributed greatly to the high demand for real estate in Torremolinos. The Costa del Sol is a reference point for the coastal real estate market, and specifically in Málaga due to its location, as it offers fantastic transportation links such as train stations, seaports and an airport. These convenient facilities are motivating reasons why foreign buyers consider properties for sale in Torremolinos, Málaga.

If you buy an aparment in Torremolinos, Málaga there is opportunity for investment returns in this high demand area. Rental income potential is strong given the popularity of the area where you can easily rent it out during periods when you are not staying in the home yourself. It is therefore appropriate to compare the purchase price with the expected rental income. In order to be able to make a return at all, the costs must certainly not exceed the returns. While there are plenty of options for investment return potential, you may also consider to buy commercial property in Torremolinos.

Investing in Spanish real estate remains interesting because it achieves a higher return than all other forms of investment. An attractive return can be obtained from any rental income and the property itself increases in value.

The owning of property for sale in Torremolinos generates added value or may become part of a donation. It is an inheritance that can be passed on so that your children and grandchildren will enjoy in the future.

As an individual, it is often difficult to have a correct picture of the state of affairs on the Spanish real estate market. Are prices really falling so sharply or is there price stability in the market? Is it better to wait a little longer to make an investment or has the time come to put your money to work and buy Spanish properties? Real estate is therefore a sector where it is difficult to find out what the prices are, especially if you compare different regions.

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Spain Homes knows the area of Torremolinos and Málaga very well. Our team comes from this area and maintains good and regular contact with construction companies so that we are always informed of new projects.

We are aware of the applicable rules and procedures and we organize the entire search process with the help of our local network.

If you want to buy a property in Torremolinos, Málaga, simply browse our properties for sale in Torremolinos, contact us, or pay us a visit. "Spain Homes will guide you through the whole process and ensure you’re 100% happy."

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