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Valencia is the capital city in the autonomous community of Valencia. It is the third most populated municipality in Spain with around 790 thousand residents in the capital city. The province of Valencia, which contains neighboring municipalities has a population of 1.6 million.

Valencia has a unique location on the banks of Turia, on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula, north of the Albufera lagoon, and at the Gulf of Valencia. The autonomous community of Valencia is surrounded by Cataluna and Aragon on the north, Castilla La Mancha on the west, Murcia on the southwest, and The Meditteranean and Balearic Islands on the east. This prime location between other important places made Valencia a focal point throughout history.

The city of Valencia is one of the oldest cities in Spain, founded by Romans in 138 BC. Later, it is invaded by Germanic tribes such as Alans, Suevi, and Vandals. More later, Visigoths also joined the invasions. From the 8th century AD, the city went under the rules of the Moors. All civilizations that ruled the city has fingerprints on the cultural and architectural structure of both city and the region.

The city of Valencia is home to the unique Mediterranean climate. Winters in Valencia are mild and summers are dry. This meeting of excellent climate and fertile lands led the city to become a famous agricultural place.

Valencia: Home of Opportunities

The economy of Valencia is mainly based on agriculture, tourism, construction, and industrial facilities. The plains of Valencia are famous for being a growth area of large lands of olive, mulberry, orange, and palm trees. These lands have a view of an immense garden. Tourism in the region become more vibrant after the mid-1990s. The international popularity become made the city both preferred for tourism and property ownership such as homes for sale in Valencia.

Valencia has a huge port. It is the biggest one on the western coast of the Mediterranean. It also has first place in the port ranking of Spain’s container traffic and second place in the total traffic. %20 of Spain’s export goes through this port. The main exports in this port are foodstuffs and beverages. However, there are other exports such as oranges, furniture, ceramic tiles, and textiles. Even this port itself gives enough vibrancy to the city, for owning commercial real estate in Valencia.

To buy property in Valencia Spain, the most preferred locations are generally the seaside locations, where the amazing Mediterranean views can be experienceable. Beachfront property for sale in Valencia can easily be found with wide options, thanks to the extensive coastline of the city and region.

The city of Valencia is home to various luxury properties. The high-end property investors often prefer this location to look for new investment opportunities. Also, the wide variety of luxury real estate Valencia Spain is drawing the attention of foreign buyers, who want to have a summer house or new location in their life in this beautiful Mediterranean city.

As the surrounding towns are chosen for detached houses, the city center is mostly preferred to buy apartments in Valencia. Large-scaled residential projects and new housing developments give enough options to select among them.

For owning real estate in Valencia Spain, purchasing a built property is not the only option. There are wide opportunities for land for sale in Valencia, which gives owners a good advantage in building and living in their own designed houses.

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