Apartments for Sale in Costa de Almería

Costa Almeria is one of the most favored tourist destinations in Spain with exquisite sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters which attract visitors from all over Europe and Spain.

The coastal region is home to numerous sought-after towns and cities such as Mojacar, Vera, Las Negras, San Jose, Almeria, Viator, Adra, Albox, Almerimar, and Cuevas del Almanzora. It welcomes a great number of people who wish to settle in these towns and cities due to the outstanding all-year-round weather conditions.

The region has the hottest climate in Spain with temperatures that often hit 40 degrees Celsius in the summer months. And it is not only the hottest but also the driest region of Spain with a desert landscape.

Costa Almeria is also expanding its reputation due to the low property prices compared to the other Spanish Costa’s. The prices of the flats for sale in Costa de Almeria are quite low compared to other more populated areas of Spain because of the desert-like landscape and climate of Almeria.

A considerable number of ex-pats prefer to buy a property for sale in Costa de Almeria in the fast-growing settlements in or near the towns of Tabernas, Albox, Roquetas de Mar, Vera, Mojacar, and Desert Springs (next to Almanzora).

Why Invest in Costa de Almeria?

Costa de Almeria is one of the best places to invest in Spain. The coastal region offers a promising climate, golden sand beaches, a rich cultural heritage, a wide selection of places to settle in, an international community, and a reasonable cost of living.

1. Favorable Climate: Costa de Almería is officially the only desert in Europe with an average of 26 days of rain a year. It is the warmest place in Europe, with very mild winters, and enjoys 320 sunny days a year, which is twice as much sunshine as Western Europe. The coastal region is number one on the list of many international residents looking to buy land in Costa de Almeria.

2. Fantastic, sandy beaches: Most of the beaches in Costa de Almería are well-preserved with a natural coastline, gorgeous sands, and crystal waters. The spectacular bays are ideal for swimming and scuba diving. You can find little fishing villages along the coast and countless hidden beaches to discover. The beaches within the coastal region are just the perfect spots in which to swim, relax, and enjoy.

3. Wide span of places to live: Costa de Almeria offers the most suitable places to buy apartment in Costa de Almeria ranging from a town with every possible amenity to tranquil Spanish villages away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Some of these places can be sorted as the whitewashed Mojacár, the lovely Almería, small but modern Vera, quiet and peaceful San Juan de Los Terreros, and Oria, the center of agriculture, and some lovely countryside. The towns offer diverse types of houses and flats in Costa de Almeria for sale which range from standard to luxury and accommodate all budgets.

4. An international community: People from all over Europe and the rest of the world prefer to settle on the Costa de Almería, which is the 2nd most sought-after part of Spain together with Murcia. The coastal region hosts an international community with over 15,000 native English speakers from different parts of the world including Canada, the USA, Australia, South Africa, and other far-flung countries.

5. Reasonable cost of living: Costa de Almeria offers an affordable cost of living that welcomes people from different parts of the world and allows you to enjoy life in the sunshine at reasonable prices.

Where to Buy an Apartment in Costa de Almeria

The adorable coastal region offers diverse opportunities, in various parts of the region, for those looking for apartments in Spain. The most suitable places to buy apartment in Costa de Almeria can be listed as Huercal-Overa, Albox, Mojacar, and San Juan de Los Terreros.

• Huercal-Overa: An influential town in the province of Almeria, Huercal-Overa is half an hour from the coast and enveloped by a mesmerizing landscape of both desert and lush
green forests. The lively Spanish environment and diverse range of amenities make Huercal-Overa just the perfect place for anyone in search of reasonably priced apartments for sale in Costa de Almeria. The old town which has always been an important commercial center due to its location also offers opportunities for those in search of commercial real estate in Costa de Almeria.

The town center welcomes visitors with narrow streets, traditional plazas, and well-designed public spaces while the countryside greets you with a desert landscape and plantations that turns the area into a lush paradise.

The well-designed, colorful town offers a selection of affordable homes including townhouses, modern apartments, villas, and farmhouses which are accompanied by numerous public schools with bilingual education, excellent health care facilities, sports facilities, restaurants, shops, theatres, cinemas, and bars. You can also find the Corvera International Airport within an hour’s drive away and a bus station that travels over 20 Spanish cities along with destinations across Europe.

• Albox: This friendly, working town with an integrated ex-pat community lies at the heart of the Almanzora valley, in a landscape dominated by two mountain ranges. Living in the traditional whitewashed town with a deep-rooted history, vibrant traditional culture, and religious buildings, puts you within easy reach of the coast, several major cities, and also delightful countryside that is off the radar of most tourists.

Albox presents reasonably priced properties consisting of traditional townhouses, small apartment blocks, and villas in the outlying rural areas along with amenities such as a public medical service, hospital, a few international schools, banks, shops, sports facilities, supermarkets, post offices, and a library. You can also find the international airports of Almeria and Murcia within 90 minutes of the adorable town and good bus services to take you to many more locations around the region.

• Mojacar: The town is located on the Costa de Almeria, in the foothills of the Sierra Cabrera. The mountainside village offers a blissful escape from the hustle and bustle, breathtaking Blue Flag beaches, and mountain walks with rich culture and history. It is the perfect place for anyone looking to experience traditional village life.

The town with about half of the residents from abroad presents affordable properties as it is not as well-known as other parts of the costa. The properties range from traditional whitewashed village houses and apartments in low-rise blocks to villas in the surrounding countryside.

Although Mojacar is a village town, one can find numerous amenities around the properties such as a medical center, supermarkets, pharmacy, exceptional restaurants, bars, places to do sports, banks, and boutiques along with golf courses. You can reach the beaches within a 30-minute walk and the Airport of Almeria within a 60-minute drive. The village town is an outstanding choice for those staying on budget with a cost of living that is 21 percent lower than in Madrid.

• San Juan de Los Terreros: The modern town of San Juan de Los Terreros was a small village protected by a fort built in the 16th century. It has grown steadily around a growing tourist industry over the years. The town hosts beaches, coves, and bays along with golf courses.

The town offers plentiful up-to-date and well-kept urbanizations made up of apartments and detached villas as well as facilities including a medical center, schools, shops, bars, and restaurants catering to tourists.

San Juan de Los Terreros is equidistant between Region de Murcia International Airport and Almeria Airport. Jaravia and Aguilas-el Labradorica train stations are both within a 15-minute drive from the village. And The Cartagena – Almeria bus service connects all the coastal towns between the two cities.

The cheap and cheerful town of San Juan de Los Terreros is one of the most affordable and suitable places to buy villa in Costa de Almeria.

Huercal-Overa, Albox, Mojacar, and San Juan de Los Terreros are among the best places to live in Spain with a high ex-pat population and diverse amenities. The towns offer a pleasant Mediterranean life with a sunny climate, golden sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and a wide range of apartments for sale in Costa De Almeria.

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