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Costa de Almeria is the relatively unspoiled coast of Almeria Province in Andalusia. It’s located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula and stretches over 200 kilometers on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The coastline of Almeria starts from the east of Granada and ends just above the resort of Vera; on the borders of Murcia.

The name Almeria comes from the Arabic word “Al Mariyya” meaning “watchtower”. The capital city Almeria was a stronghold and principal harbor during Arabian rule over Spain. Moorish castles of Alcazaba and Alhambra are two significant remains from those times. Also, there are many remarkable monuments and sites from Roman and Greek times like a citadel, cathedrals, watch towers and archeological sites.

Although Costa de Almeria attracts people’s attention with its long history, its main charm is its magnificent nature. Costa de Almeria features diverse landscapes. You can find everything from pristine sandy beaches with crystal clear waters to mountains and deserts.

The diverse landscape of Costa de Almeria makes it possible to enjoy a wide variety of leisure activities. To name a few; tennis, sailing, windsurfing, climbing, fishing, trekking, skiing, canoeing, scuba-diving, sunbathing, etc.

Since Costa de Almeria has a semi-arid climate and warm weather throughout the year, it provides the perfect environment for golf sport. Hence, the region is rich in golf courses. There is also a wide variety of social and cultural activities in the region such as art and gastronomy festivals and exhibitions.

In addition to the above-mentioned charms, the region also draws attention with its low costs of living and advantageously priced real estate in Costa de Almeria. Because Costa de Almeria is relatively unknown to foreigners, properties in Costa de Almeria are much cheaper than similar ones in other parts of Spain; which makes Costa de Almeria the perfect place for permanent residence or a holiday home.

As Costa de Almeria becomes a more and more popular place for holidays and living among foreigners, the investment value of the properties in the region increases as well. In that aspect, land for sale in Costa de Almeria caught the attention first. The main reason for that is that lands can be used both as buy-to-let properties and for agricultural, residential, and commercial purposes as well.

However, commercial properties in Costa de Almeria might be the more preferred property type for investments as they more cost-effective and time-saving. Some companies have already started looking for commercial properties to expand their business because they think the region will become more popular in the coming years.

Even though other types of properties are widely preferred as well, residential properties are still the most preferred property type in Costa de Almeria as the region offers a peaceful and pleasant holiday-like lifestyle.

For a Comfortable and Peaceful Holiday Like Lifestyle: Houses for Sale in Costa de Almeria

Costa de Almeria region offers its residents a comfortable and peaceful holiday-like lifestyle with its wonderful nature, rich amenities, and wide range of modern houses. Although apartments for sale in Costa de Almeria are a popular option among foreigners because they are more budget-friendly, houses for sale in Costa de Almeria are the more preferred option thanks to their luxurious features.

Costa de Almeria villas for sale are carefully designed by paying special attention to every detail to provide comfort as much as possible. Since these houses are usually preferred by holidaymakers and international retirees, the interiors and exteriors of the houses and villas are equipped with features that would provide soothing experiences.

Large outdoor swimming pools, infinity pools, heated indoor pools, jacuzzis, spas, saunas, Turkish baths, solariums, barbeque areas, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, verandas, and terraces with beautiful sea or nature views can be counted among such features that provide soothing experiences.

These kinds of luxurious villas are generally located in tranquil areas surrounded by nature to provide further privacy, serenity, and comfort. For instance, the towns of Roquetas del Mar, Mojacar, Vera, Tabernas, and Albox are some of the tranquil places that ex-pats, holidaymakers, and international retirees prefer to buy luxury houses in Costa de Almeria.

However, it’s quite possible to find centrally located houses as well. Families usually prefer to buy home in Costa de Almeria in the centers of large cities as they would be able to access all daily amenities like schools, hospitals, and banks more easily. The lively city of Almeria and well-developed tourist destinations of Aguadulce, Almerimar, and El Ejido are among the places preferred by families.

No matter what kind of house you’re looking for in Costa de Almeria, there are a number of matters that have to be taken into account. First of all, if you’re buying a resale house, you need to make sure the house you’re attempting to buy has no debt or loan that would hinder title deed transaction processes.

If you are attempting to buy a new-build house, you should check that the property has been built with the necessary permits and meets all the requirements. Secondly, you need to check that all of the necessary taxes have been paid for the title deed transaction.

Another matter that needs to be taken into account is the sales price of the house. You need to make sure that you are paying an appropriate amount of money coincident with the property market. All of these steps may seem hard and complicated for someone who is going to buy home in Costa de Almeria for the first time. Therefore it would be better to seek help from local experts.

The multi-lingual team of Spain Homes ® is ready to help you in all steps during buying procedure from finding your dream house to obtaining your title deed. Contact us for further questions on Costa de Almeria villas for sale or the property market in general.

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