Foreign interest in purchasing property in Spain remains robust. Overseas buyers comprise nearly 15% of total transactions in Spain in the second quarter of 2023.

profile in Spain’sForeigners remain the most dynamic buyer profile in Spain’s real estate market. Foreign investors occupy over 22,700 title deed transfer transactions. For the past few years, Polish investors severely skyrocketed the ranks as major go-getters in the industry.

Their increasing interest has positioned them among the top 10 foreign real estate buyers in Spain last year. Poles constitute nearly 3% of the total 15% share of foreign buyers in Spain’s real estate market. According to the Association of Registrars, total sales to Polish real estate buyers have reached 3,123 in the year 2023.

Advantages of Buying a Spanish Real Estate for Polish Citizens

Even though real estate investors from Poland have been always paying attention to the Spanish property market, the demand for real estate in Spain has increased rapidly since 2021.

The main motivation behind this rapid demand was to deflect the negative effects of the war between Russia and Ukraine. However, in time, Spain’s reputation has reached beyond borders. The idea of moving to Spain has become a popular trend among Polish citizens over time, and here’s why.

Premium Living in Spain• Premium Living in Spain: Spain’s laidback lifestyle and warm but lively atmosphere create perfect conditions for upscale living. From exclusive golf resorts to stunning beaches in Costa del Sol, Spain is a remarkable destination to live, work, and retire.

• Low Expenses: Spain’s relatively lower costs of living make it an attractive spot to live in. It gives a chance to embrace the European lifestyle on a budget. From fashion to consuming expenses, it is possible to pursue a high-class lifestyle with a tolerable income in Spain.

• Attractive Purchase Prices: One of the key factors influencing the decision of Polish investors is the prices. Spanish real estate stands out with its affordability in the whole of Europe. Spain’s property market offers an endless number of newly built or off-plan properties for sale in Spain at affordable prices.

• Diverse Portfolio: From stylish Costa del Sol real estate overlooking the sea to deluxe villas right by the beaches of Costa Blanca, the Spanish real estate market has everything you are looking for! Whether for investing in real estate or to get residence in Spain, Spanish properties appeal to all kinds of buyer profiles with a wide range of preferences.

• Quality Construction: There has been a Spanish real estate boom after the 2000s. In the following, Spain’s construction market has stepped up its game over the years. Nowadays all newly built properties are designed to maximize the living comfort of the buyers. Each new construction in Spain is constructed with a rich infrastructure. Along with being built with high-quality materials, most of them are equipped with comfort-enhancing features, from smart home systems to private living spaces.

• High ROI rate: By making a smart investment in the right property in the right location, you can gain remarkable investment returns from your real estate purchase in Spain. To maximize your profits from your property investment in Spain, it is always essential to work with local professionals with full knowledge of the Spanish market.

Insider Tips for Polish Buyers: Collaborate with Professional Agencies in Spain

in SpainBuying a property in Spain is a big step forward and requires special attention. It requires a series of steps to follow, from examining the desired property’s legal status to finalizing the title deed.

Prospective buyers should conduct thorough research of the local area. It is also essential to possess moderate knowledge of the Spanish language to go on with the procedures. It is highly recommended to collaborate with reputable professionals for a seamless property buying experience.

To avoid the trouble, working with trusted partners in contact with local agencies such as Spain Homes ® comes in handy during the purchasing process. It will ease out the procedures throughout, from property searches to getting your keys.

While working with a trusted professional in Poland with overseas connections, you will ensure that you are understood. In Spain, also you will communicate with local real estate agents who speak your language.

It will also give the opportunity to reach the best possible property options. They would present you with the most exclusive and in-demand real estate from the local market of Spain even from afar. A market expert with in-depth knowledge might even showcase limited-time advantageous campaigns to you.

After deciding on a property, it is even more easier to pursue the procedures with an eager team of professionals. By giving a power of attorney, you can skip the complicated legal transactions collectively, and get your keys in no time.

property While you are enjoying becoming a homeowner in Spain, your professional team will be finalizing the title deed transfer on your behalf. In this way, you will be leaving no room for error, cutting back your traveling expenses and saving yourself the trouble from the complicated legal steps.

As Spain Homes ®, we cooperate with trusted partners in Poland. Our main goal is to make your purchasing experience a remarkable one. We eliminate the chance of failure with our years of experience in the Spanish real estate market and wide range of services. By collaborating with our professional business partners in Poland, you can buy your dream home in Spain in the blink of an eye.

Visit our real estate services page to explore the steps we follow on your behalf. Embark upon your new journey to buying your new home in Spain today!